10 Ways to Save

1. Carry drinking water
Buying bottled water is not just adding plastic waste but also waste money. Imagine, if the day you buy a bottle of water at a price of Rp 3000, in a month you spend $ 90 thousand.Instead, buy a bottle of drinking itself - that can be refilled.

2. Carry your shopping list
Make a shopping list before going to shop.Make sure your list contains only the items you really need. Only the items on the list that should not be bought, others do not.

3. More often walk
Try to walk if your destination is close enough. Reduce reliance on private vehicles and use public transportation. You could also try to hitch a ride with a friend in the same direction. More information can be obtained through several communities that share a vehicle like nebeng

4. Advantage of library
You do not have to continually buy new books. Visit the library to find a book that is required.

5. Reduce eating out
Try to cook and bring lunch for the office. Cooking will save a lot of costs than always eating out.

6. Avoid foreign ATM
Withdraw money from a bank other than your bank can lead to cutting money out of the account.The amount varies from Rp 3,000 to Rp 20 thousand. This value seems small, but imagine if the total frequently.  

7. Creating Your Own Copy
Instead of buying expensive coffee in the cafe, drinking coffee is better homemade. Save a little bit too long so the hill.

8. Subtract the mall
The roads to the mall can bring in a lot of temptation to buy things impulsively. So it is better to spend time off with a picnic to the park or museum.

9. Advantage of discount cards
Some stores offer discounts for customers who have a membership card. Take advantage of it wisely. Beware, this is different from buying discounted items that are not needed.

10. Recycling
Be creative: there are many ideas that can be done to recycle items no longer in use. For example, blending old clothes with other clothes so that it becomes more attractive.
source : davidraka.blogspot.com


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