Easy way to install debian for beginners

All work on productive tasks, I love ya know how do I install debian right :) Good luck ..
1. Booting from CD or DVD

2. Select Install 
3. Press enter 

4. Select the language you want agan select 
5. Press enter 

6. Choose where agan now live 
7. Press enter 

8. Choose American English 
9. Press enter 

10. Since the network configuration automatically fail then I use the manual way 
11. Select Continue 

12. Select Configure network manually 
13. Press enter, so the time to check the ip address configuration is not empty 

14. Fill in the IP Address according to the agan want, get a class a, class b, class c. I use a class c, eg 

15. Fill Subnetmask by typing 

16. Fill Gateway by typing 

17. Name server address is the same as the Gateway so agan type 

18. Hostname could agan agan fill with their own desires, could name agan or another.I use the hostname BKJ 

19. Domain Name can be content with the domain agan agan have, I use the Domain Name bkj-tutorial.blogspot.com 

20. Fill as desired agan Root Password 

21. Fill Re-enter password to verify the password that was agan previous contents 

22. Fill Full name for the new user to the agan want, the same as the hostname also does nothing. I use the name of Learning Computer and Networking 

23. Fill username for your account by agan want provided it's not the same as the full name for the new user as it would be an error 

24. Contents Choose a password for the new user to the agan want, may not be the same as the password that was agan contents fill a user's password before 

25. Fill Re-enter password to verify the password that was agan previous contents 

26. Select Eastern 
27. Press enter 

28. To be fast in installing debian 6 text should choose the most agan on the Guide use entire disk 
29. Press enter 

30. If the computer there are 2 pieces of hard agan agan can choose the top and the bottom because my computer has only one hard drive so there is no choice 
31. Press enter 

32. Select All files in one partition (recomended for new users) 
33. Press enter 

34. Select Finish partitioning and write changes to disk 
35. Press enter 

36. Select Yes 
37. Press enter 

38. Wait process approximately less than 5 minutes 

39. Select No. 
40. Press enter 

41. Select No. 
42. Press enter 

43. Select No. 
44. Press enter 

45. Tick all except the very top 
46. Press enter 

47. Wait process roughly about 10 minutes 

48. Select Yes 
49. Press enter 

50. Press enter 

51. Select the top or leave it within 5 seconds will directly go agan 
52. Press enter 

53. Fill up to the user input the time agan install debian 6 text 
54. Fill in your user password with the password that was agan enter text when installing debian 6 
55. If you managed to get in then it says Last login: Wed Apr 4 17:55:08 EDT 2012 i686, and so on.

source: www.davidraka.co.cc


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