From High To Low on Earth

Maybe some of you already know about the lowest point and the highest point on Earth. Now we will try to study more deeply, not only about the highs and lows, but also other basic knowledge about the Earth is only in the picture.


1. Limit the height of the Earth is 36,000 feet = 10972.8 M (1 foot = 0.309 m)

2. The color of the sea water on Earth reflects the concentration of chlorophyll, the green is the highest.

3. Limits aircraft (general) 32,000 feet is the highest.

4. The highest peak Everest (29,029 feet) and the time it takes to cook the eggs at that altitude is 18 minutes 33 seconds.

5. The second highest mountain peak in the world is at 28,251 feet.

6. The air pressure at that height is 0.33 ATM

7. 26,000 feet is the limit of air containing oxygen, over that height must use breathing apparatus.

8. Highest clouds (cirrus) at an altitude of 24,000 feet.

9. To the 3 highest mountains in the world are at 22,841 feet.

10. The 4th highest mountain is at 20,320 feet.

11. 5th highest mountain (Kilimanjaro) is at 19,334 feet.

12. The 6 highest mountains are at 18,510 feet

13. Antarctica's highest mountain at an altitude of 16,050 feet.

14. Mountains tertnggi to 8 in the world are in Indonesia (peak Jaya Wijaya) at an altitude of 16 024.

15. Atmosphere consists of 20% oxygen.

16. The highest city in the world located at 11,450 feet.

17. Geographic South Pole in Antarctica at an altitude of 9306.

18. The lowest clouds (cumulus) located at an altitude of 7000 feet.

19. The second highest city in the world is at 5280 feet

20. Comparison of the tower and the tallest building in the world.

21. Pressure in water depths below 1000k is 10 ATM.

22. 800 feet is the human diving depth record by holding his breath.

23. Using a scuba diving record is 1000 feet.

24. The water pressure to 50 ATM.

25. Using a scuba diving record anti pressure 2000 feet.

26. 2000 - 3000 feet is an area Mesopelagic. Temperature 39 Fahrenheit / 4 degrees Celsius.

27. 3000 feet is the limit of sunlight on the sea.

28. Nuclear submarine dives deepest is 3500 feet, the pressure reached 100 ATMs.

29. Oil blowout preventer Earth is at a depth of 5000 feet. The pressure reached 150 ATMs.

30. "Deep Sea" is more than 5900 feet.

31. Bathypelagic (midnight zone) is not exposed to sunlight at all, and sharks usually dive to a depth of 7000 feet.

32. Collosal Squid is at a depth of 7500 feet.

33. 9500 feet is the deepest diving marine mammals by a sperm whale.

34. Deepest ocean floor 12,080 feet, the pressure reaches 355 ATMs.

35. Wreck of the Titanic is at a depth of 12,460 feet.

36. 14,000 feet is the deepest fish ever discovered (fangtooth).

37. Abyssopelagic (under the midnight zone) 15,000 foot volcano is widely available.

38. 17,000 feet the pressure reaches 500 ATMs.

39. Oil drilling record of 18,000 feet the Earth (in the sea) deep.

40. The pressure reached 750 ATM at a depth of 25,000 feet.

41. Hadopelagic ("hades zones' - zones trench - the deepest trough) 27 000 feet.

42. Puerto Rico Trench (the lowest point of the Atlantic ocean) is at 28,232 feet.

43. Mariana Trench (the deepest human dive record) 35 814 feet the pressure reaches 1100 ATM.

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