GAME 5 hardest MUST TRY

1. Ninja Gaiden Black
Not only presents a cool graphic of the day, Ninja Gaiden Black brain requires coordinated with motor sensor on the finger. Not just because the enemy is increasingly difficult to fight every level but nyerangnya rame ² coy.

2. Devil May Cry 3 
Hmm wealth if one is agan ² would've known enough dong. The number of enemy that is hard to beat makes this a difficult game. Additionally untunk style perfectly perform necessary exercises in a long time. However, because of the cool offerings in this game pays rich enough level of difficulty.

3. F-Zero GX 
I think if the game is perfect for racing game fans as well as action. Apart from having to keep track of extreme speeding, agan ² are required to avoid attacks from other competitors. In story mode, various levels with higher levels present bend even more dangerous leap.

4. Shinobi
Appearance on the PS2 as a marker of a new era of Shinobi turned out not ashamed ² in the original version. Although packed with 3D zoom, but the difficulty level remains the same as the old version. Apart from having to kill the enemies that appear, it agan ² obliged melawati obstacles to perfect as one little problem could be Game Over!!!

5. MDK-2
Not many people know about this game, and a guaranteed number of players who did not finish this game as much as the number of games produced. MDK2 was deliberately used as a super sadistic game. There is no such thing tuh mercy in this game because the troops ² kroco its course already dikalahkah especially difficult for characternya boss.


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