Horizontal Falls, Niagara Falls with Alternating Reverse Flow

Get ready to be surprised during a visit to Talbot Bay in Western Australia. If all this falls down to the bottom, different story with "Horizontal Falls" flowing horizontally, as well as back and forth.

How so? The flow of water was rushing like water that falls from the cliff. Overview of this scene looks like a waterfall, but the difference between horizontal water flow. To the extent that this place is called the "Horizontal Falls" or horizontal waterfall.
This event is actually formed because of the swift water coming out from between the cliffs. Divide the sea cliff. From the side of the sea (right), the water will fall swiftly to the opposite side (the left). 
This occurs because the sea water on the right was high tide, the sea water while the left was receding. Uniquely, it can be great. Not infrequently if the early morning water flows from right to left, but in the afternoon instead of left to right. 
This transition happens water constantly, so it looks like a waterfall that flows back and forth. If you usually have a certain height waterfalls, this waterfall has only Horizontal width. To be able to flow to the left, the water in the oceans right to pass within 300 meters first. 
This rare sight certainly invites many tourists to come. Admiration has become commonplace when witness this event. To the extent that, the place is dubbed as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. 
Wow! Fun again, in waterfalls Horizontal traveler not only get to enjoy this natural phenomenon, but the surrounding scenery is also very beautiful. Although access is somewhat difficult, but still it's always been the ideal place for tourists. 

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