How Overcoming Bluescreen On Laptops

Overcoming Bluescreen On LaptopsOvercoming Bluescreen On Laptops - Bluescreen, Have you while doing jobs report, browsing the internet, or playing favorite games, suddenly your laptop restarts by itself, and then when it was rebooted unexpectedly just bluescreen you get with some information listed. But still, you can not use a laptop. 

Bluescreen also called Bluescreen of Death (BSOD) is a term that is widely known for the screen displayed when the Windows operating system experience a system error (or so-called stop error by windows). Some of the things that led to the emergence of this BSOD, including a hardware driver that is not good, the RAM memory writing error, system crash on the registry windows or use dll files that do not match. 

On a PC, unlike a laptop or notebook, you can easily analyze the recent changes to your PC, especially in hardware. Unfortunately, the users who use a laptop it is very difficult to do, while still under warranty the store, not everyone can easily understand the hardware-hardware in the laptop. But do not be discouraged beforehand ... Overcoming some Bluescreen On Laptops are ... 

First, make sure the first safe mode menu is not experiencing crashes (this is if the latest driver for hardware that is not helped to load the windows). To be on the safe mode , when the initial boot continuously hit F5, then select safe mode in the options that appear, at the beginning of the display, you will be asked whether to enable System Restore menu, select No to enable system restore. Perform a restore on your windows, how: Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore. Choose the closest restore point. If you do not want to use system restore on windows, 

In addition to the above, the best way is by clicking disable your hardware drivers are the latest. How: press Windows + Pause Break simultaneously to display your windows system properties, select hardware tab, select the device manager to display the device manager. Disable hardware drivers you install before the Bluescreen. Or do a driver rollback to revert to the previous driver. 

In some cases bluescreen or BSOD, we absolutely can not use a laptop. To overcome it requires a Software like Acronis True Image (can be downloaded for free on the internet ) or a kind of back-up software. To make sure that before you have back up your system first. Make bootable CD media on your PC or laptop your friend, then do the boot with the CD. Then do you restore the backup system. 

In addition to driver error, Bluescreen can also be caused by a virus / trojan disguised as file services on the system, such as smss.exe, winlogon.exe, services.exe Isass.exe and. To fix this try to keep track of virus / trojan is a portable antivirus program, run an antivirus program, but this time instead of a removable storage such as hard disks or flash. Perform a virus scan through unremovable storage such as CD or DVD. This is why you need antivirus portable so you do not need to perform the installation process prior to your system that may have been infected by a virus / trojan first. 

Good luck Overcoming Bluescreen On Laptops ...!!

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