How To Install Android On PC

Yu just go ahead guys, here's a tutorial to install Android on Laptop or PC:
  1. Download Android SDK Here select the OS that you use
  2. After that install file. Exe that you have downloaded
  3. Now Log where you installed the program earlier and entered SDK Manager (See Figure)
  4. Once you open the SDK manager, the application will load paket2 whatever you can install
  5. Once the SDK manager finished loading there are folder2 or package that you can install, including you want to install a version of the android? in this case I would install android 4.0 (ICS)
  6. then select install (number of packets) packages. number of packages depending on how many packages you tick, and a prompt will appear to confirm the paket2 what you want to install
  7. After that just click install and wait. package will be downloaded from the internet.saturate this time. that could take hours if your slow internet. I myself took about 3 to install
  8. Click Finish and Close after all terdownlaod package and installed on your computer

Set up Emulator

after take a while to download the package and install it, now you will no longer be able to run android on a PC. yups .. My next follow the instructions to run android on your pc 
  1. After all the setup is complete, go back to the folder where you installed the SDK Manager same as step 1 step 1, and open the AVD Manager. AVD itself stands for (Android virtual device).
  2. Once the AVD is open, please click New, then a new window will appear as below, where the window is the one place you to name the device, screen size, large capacity sd card, ram, and other specifications. see picture to determine its basic setting
  3. After that click create AVD, it will display a prompt as shown below. click OK
  4. After that choose / select the AVD you have created. and click Start 
  5. After clicking start, no need to set anything else, just click launch it
  6. Once you click launch, then you will open the android emulator and boot :) please wait. for the first BOOT does take a long time, about 5 menitan lah, just wait until you are ready to use android.
  7. and iniiiii!! : D Android Virtual Device Ready Used


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