How to install debian

First boot »CD / DVD
  The second boot »Hard disk
         Then save (F10)
    Installer boot menu »Install (Enter)
     Select »English
      Select »United States
  Select »American English
     Primary network interface:
     Select the eth0
     Continue (Enter)
     Network configuration method:
     Select »Configure network manually
     IP Address192.168.10.03
     Name Server Address192.168.10.1
     Hostnameaisyah (our name)
     Select your time zone:
     Select »Pacific
     Partitioning method:
     Select »Guide - use entire disk
Select disk to partition (Enter)
Partitioning scheme:
Select »All files in one partition (recommended for new users)

  • Finish partitioning and write changes to disk (Enter)

  • Write the changes to disk ? select » Yes

  • Root Password, Re-enter password to verify: aku (password)
  • Full name for the new user: aisyah safitri
  • Username for your account: aisyah
  • Choose a password for the new user, Re-enter password to verify: aku (password)
  • Scan another CD or DVD ? select » No
  • Use a network mirror ? select » No
  • Participate in the package usage survey ? select » No

  • Choose software to install:
    Uncheck » Desktop environment
    Check » Standard system
  • Install the GRUB boot loader to master boot record ? select » Yes

  •  When it is finished installing, it will restart itselfthen we enter the BIOS to change the boot.
    First boot »Hard disk
    The second boot »CD / DVD
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