How to make writing a blog run

In this post I will write blogging tips How to make a run on the blog posts. Article walks or familiar marquee was also referred to an article or text that can be run from the right, left, up or down.

As it is called by the script runs. If you want to make writing work as above, how easy, just copy and paste this code on your blog.

<marquee direction=" left "scrollamount="3" replace paper align="center"> </ marquee>

For the above script, the writing goes from right to kiri.Jika like writing moves from left to right, top to bottom or bottom to atas.Anda only replace paper I marked red in the script, just change the writing left to right, up or down.

Copy and paste the script: 

<marquee direction="up" scrollamount="3" align="center" behavior="alternate"> replace paper </ marquee>

To make writing zigzagging, copy and paste this code: 

<center> <marquee direction="up" scrollamount="3" behavior="alternate" align="center" width="90%"> <marquee direction="right" behavior="alternate"> replace paper </ marquee> </ marquee> </ center>

Almost forgot, to make writing this berjlan enter menu design-layout-added widget Javascript and paste the HTML code above, good luck. 

Good tips How to make a paper runs on this blog useful for you.


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