Make spy virus by Optix Pro Trojan

Wow, everything is no good, so it seems that my teacher used to say back home.Viruses, slowly getting phenomenal course. In villages, in cities, in the office, and everywhere, anyone who uses a PC as a working device, could not be spared from the threat of viruses.Perhaps, Typewriter is the right solution to avoid the virus.?Viruses, Malware is actually a part of, which is a malicious program that was created to destroy, disrupt or even eliminate data.Trojan, this time in our discussion, is part of this type of Malware. Trojans are programs that are commonly used hackers to harvest data and any information the victim's computer. With the Trojans, we can keep an eye on the computer opponent 100%, No Sencored. Superb ga anyway? ........Trojan which we will discuss is Optix Pro, which is one type of Trojan is quite powerful and easy to use. Optix Pro has two folders, the Builder and the Client. Builder is the space where hackers will create a master file that will be the attacker and spies. And the client is a means to monitor any reports given the spy.

Here is a step-by-step using the Optix Pro:
1. Go to the folder and open Builder.exe Builder that bericon Alien
2. Enter the code XMS and click OK, then OK again to follow the language selection
3. Then click and select Builder_English Choose Language and click Open
4. Builder so that the display appears as follows:
5. Click the Main Settings, click General Information. Later in the column Name Identification type any name that shows you, me for example. Click the Server Password field, and enter your password, such as me, is to prevent other hackers who may be using the same software.
Furthermore, the Fake Error, fill in the error message that will appear as clickable his file. For example, Kasian deh lo!!!! Vacated ....... well be. It's just put an doang ... 
6. Next, click Sever Icon, and select the icon is being used, such as Media Player, click once wrote. Choose Icon???? waw ..
7. Then click the Startup & Installation, and click Startup. In the Registry Key name field, type the name of a person, animal, or your favorite demon, such as Lizard. These names will be key in the Registry.
8. Then click File Setup (under the startup menu) and type the name of the file server in the Server Name the file, such as the name of your favorite demon, just type Azazil.
9. Now click on Build / Create Server, and type the name of your Trojan file, for example me, and place the prepared difolder. If you have click Save
10. Finally, you are required to compress the file. Click the button Click for automated UPX Packing ... and wait for the process. When finished, click OK All done. And close your Optix Pro Builder.
11. Well, now your job is to click on the new file you created earlier, where naro file? .....
If it is, it will display the following error message:

Error message when the file is clicked
Brur Ok, now we are ready to act as a Ghostbuster .......
Use Trojan OptixPro for virus detection:
Well, now go into the core of the discussion. Listen well, yes, I'm a little nervous njelasinnya ya ...  
1. Go to the Client folder and double click on Client.exe, air-icon Alien
2. In the space charge code, type S13az3, and OK, then OK again to language selection
3. Select Open Client_English and so display the following:

The initial view OptixPro Client
# Because in this case our mission is to detect the virus in the computer (remember, not mo stealing computer data or ngawasin people), then in the IP field, leave filled with 127.0.01, it is IP Address deafult when the PC is not connected to the network .
# Then, in the Password field, type I (or any corresponding settings in your earlier Builder)
# And now click the green button to connect.

If you've connected the note of success, Optix Pro v1.33 Successfully Connected ...
Well, now we go straight into the room tossed ....
In the picture above, there are some gorgeous menu that will greatly assist us in penetrating security virus. Minimal locate the file on the mainland ....
Client Settings
a.Client SOCKS
Server Options
a.Power Options
b.Server Informations Manager
a.File Manager
b.Process Manager
c.Windows Manager
d.Registry Manager
e.FTP Manager
f.SOCK Server
g.Remote Scanner
Redirect h.Port
Redirect i.Application
j.Service Manager
a.Message Box
b.Matrix Chat
c.Client2-client Chat
a.Computer Information
b.Get passwords
c.Key Logger
PC Manipulations
a.Screen / Mouse
c.Cam Capture
d.Send Key (Old)
Humor / Fun Stuff
b.Screen Printer
7. Our concentration is on the menu manager. Here is the information about the lives of those files, both legal and illegal in Windows.
"We are experimenting with viral infections Win32/Decoil pretty enough in manipulating windows" for information about W32/Decoil, read my article entitled "Facing Win32 Decoil."
Simply, click the button (+) to the Manager and select further options:
1. Process Manager
Then click the List All Process, which will be shown a series of processes that are running on windows at the moment.
In the row of names appears, that you must consider is "anywhere that a file or process required of windows when not running any programs? ......"
Original file is mandatory that belongs windows are:
all the files mentioned above, shall be sourced from the C: \ Windows \ System32. If it says there is not sourced from system32, it is suspect that it was illegal.
REMEMBER you need in this case is "not allowed to run any program in the detection process by using OptixPro", why let ga confused mas.  ente not necessarily know the right files in the windows .....  I wrote ga memorized, hehehehe ...
Consider the following picture:
Try sliding the scroll on the bottom of the process, there was a strange processes euy .... That is:
a.Lexplorer.exe who are in the position of C: \ Windows
b.dkernel.exe which is positioned on the C: \ Windows \ system32 \ I75-d2
c.Client.exe which is positioned on the C: \ Optixp ~ 1 \ Client \ Client.exe
d.Nia Ramadani which is positioned on the C: \ Windows \ system32
We would say that it is illegal files, the reason Windows has never had a file with the name Lexplorer.exe located at C: \ Windows, do not believe? .......
Please just check yourself in all types and versions of windows. Moreover, there is a file with the name Nia Ramadani is active, you know ....... What do Bill Gates together Vocalist Samson's girlfriend's? ......
Pokoke, besides mandatory files that I mentioned at the beginning (smss.exe et al.), Unemployed or not in a position to open any program, it should be suspected if there are other files that are active. Especially if it turns out there smss.exe file is currently active, but its position in the C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Locals Settings \ applciation Data ...... this is beyond the path. SWEAR ....
Do not forget, if you think it's suspicious files, check and remember the location of the file ...
2. Next, you click: Registry Manager
This was done so you'll know where the virus commands are written in the Registry. So at the time you made it into the Registry later will not be too confused which must be removed. See the following picture:
Click the Get Entries to get the contents of the Windows Registry that are running at the moment. Then click the Pop-up left and select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
On the Run directory is usually a virus and some programs to run concurrently enrolled with the first loading Windows. See the following picture:
Well, there ya pretty weird name .... ?? IKnowPs Besides, all that is written on the picture above is Illegal file. For example, there is a value named lizard, then the location of the file is in the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ msiexec16.exe ...
What you should notice is msiexec16.exe him, not his lizard. Because the only lizard in Regsitry identity rather than the source file. So, if you are looking for with the Search menu and type the word lizard, GUARANTEED .... You will not get anything. Do not gawk mas .....
To end your work with OptixPro, close all windows and return to sub initial interface, and then click Server Options and select the Server Information. See the picture:
Click the Get button to get information about the location of your OptixPro Trojan file server .... Plototin ..
If you already understand, click Uninstall File Server to stop the activities of the Parent OptixPro.
Well, consider the dizzying aja dah was finished. I wonder what ya help me? .....
Currently, most of the virus can not be turned off process when the condition is active windows.For example Rontokbro, which always restarts when you try to enter the registry, msconfig and cmd. Or, sometimes, there are also viruses that let users know the location of where the parent file and do not close any access, aka ordinary aja, like no problem. (This is done Win32/Decoil).However, every time you delete a file or delete existing data in the Registry, a few milliseconds and then file it reappears. Pretty annoying is not it? ...
Thus, a reasonably safe and smooth is the parent of the DOS file deletion. And with the Optix Pro you will not be confused by the parent to locate the file.
I say while mrupus-mrupus, wrote hopefully you understand.


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