Windows Phone 8

With the release of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 is also launched. We look back at what the critics had to say so far: "Start Screen of Windows Phone 8 may be the best of all mobile phones .." says Gizmodo, Windows Phone 8 is a "great cell phone, crazy, incredible" said the other, while Metro commented "Windows Phone 8 will match the greatness of Android". 
No doubt we have to wait for the full release to vote. These are moments that we think is most fun when the Micosoft product launch: 

This is Windows 8 in a cell phone 
Windows Phone 8 using the same technology with Windows 8. It makes the phone software is almost identical to the Windows PC and allows developers to make the same game for Windows Phone and Windows 8. The only difference between Windows 8 and Windows Phone is its size. 
The cell phone is faster and more powerful 
Windows Phone 8 handsets equipped with dual / quad-core (same technology you would find on the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S). This means that Windows Phone will operate much faster than ever before. 
The screen is larger and sharper 
The screen is embedded in Windows Phone 8 is enhanced - this will end phones have the screen with 720p high definition. There are also two new screen resolution for sharper images, clear: 1280x765 and 1280x720 

Handset with new coverage 
The first wave of Windows Phone 8 devices to be manufactured by the manufacturer of the phone. We will see other new phones from Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and Huawei. 
You can add storage 
For the first time your Windows Phones equipped with additional removeable MicroSD slot. The extra space can be used for storing photos, music, videos, and install the application. 
The ability to share the better 
You can easily "touch and send" video, music, photos, documents, and files from your phone to other Windows devices. It's all thanks to a new technology called smart NFC (near field communication) - you'll often hear about NFC from now on. 

Start Screen that is designed Birthday 
"The most sexy" in Windows Phone 8 is a redesign of the Start Screen. What also seems just like with Windows 8. 
Instead of using a two-part look wide as in Windows Phone 7, its users will benefit from the three-part look wider.You will be able to determine the size of each of the three parts, made into two broad, standardized view of medium size and small. 
Windows Phone 8 also displays more colors, so you can customize your mobile phone display. 
Internet Explorer 10 
Navigating the internet is now two times faster than the Windows Phone that has been circulating today. 
Windows Phone 8 SmartScreen filter using anti-phishing (theft of data) that can be found in your Windows 8 computer. The filter would block many sites and stop you downloading malicious files that could damage the performance of your mobile phone (great application). 
Easy Updates 
Update Windows Phone 8 will run easily through the wireless network, so you no longer need to connect your phone to a computer to update it again. Microsoft also will provide updated application supporting at least 18 months after the phone was launched. 
You will be able to make payments using the Wallet app in Windows Phone 8

source :microsoft


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