Real cars of the future are not vehicles that will roll on four wheels and look like sleek streaks of lightning or oblong tear drops that hum instead of roar. No, the true prospect of visionary transport is not bound by the winding roads but by the rush of the winds in the sky.
 The Main reason most people today don't own airplanes is not because they are not smart enough to learn to fly. It is because of the initial cost of Flight training and owning and maintaining an aircraft not to mention storing it, is beyond most peoples financial means.A flying car could be the turning point of all that.

How many times has science fiction turn to fact. You dream it! You can do it! and it will really come to pass! everybody will be on air flying1 no more traffic on road1 we have enough space on air. 

It is, perhaps, one of the more enduring questions about the future: When will flying cars arrive? I don’t have an exact answer, but I’m optimistic that the first versions will appear within a decade’s time. No more late for work.

Just think back 100 days ago owning an automobile was a really big deal and involved considerable mechanical skills and expense.A lot of people actually hated the dam things cos no money.

How beautiful it is to be on one of this things  

And finally, If someone in the USA doesn't push to get a flying car on the market it will be done by somebody else in another Japan,China, India . And then they will be selling them here.


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