Blackberry Z10 appears side-by-side with iPhone 5 in comparison video

Blackberry Z10 appears side-by-side with iPhone 5 in comparison video

RIM's yet-to-be-announced BlackBerry Z10 handset has come face-to-face with the iPhone 5 in a new comparison video.
The all-touchscreen BB10, which is all set for a grand unveiling at the end of January, has been leaked more times than we care to remember, but never in this much detail and never next to its chief nemesis.
German blog telekon-presse.ak has provided a hands-on with what is all-but-certain to be the Z10, comparing design, build, software and features with Apple's latest and greatest mobile handset.
According to the hands-on comparison, the BB10 voice control system does a better job than Siri during a request to send a message. It was more accurate and faster on the Z10 than the iPhone 5.

What's left to see?

The video also shows how the respective operating system deals with incoming text messages and offers a neat look at BB10's Peak View feature, which gives users a quick look at items in the BlackBerry Hub.
Other highlights include a look at the different ways multitasking is handled by the OS, and how app icons are presented, while it also shows how to kill active apps and offers a look at the respective Twitter apps.
You can check out the interesting video comparison below. At this rate RIM will have nothing left to reveal on January 30, when it holds launch events around the world.
What do you think? On that evidence can the Z10 challenge the iPhone 5 on a level playing field? Let us know in the comments section below.


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