How To Install Google Analytics on the your Blog / Web

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that serves to analyze your blog / web buddy, so my friend can know the traffic your blog / web buddy, knowing the number of visitors, visitor behavior,so my friend can know what content is on a lot of visitors looking at blogs / web pal. Google analyticsalso plays a major role in SEO optimization, which is why I immediately plug the GA / Google Analyticthis into my blog.

Here's How to install Google analytics on your blogspot:

1. Go to Google Analytics in
2. Then you can login / access with a direct click on "Access Analytic".
You'll be required to register your blog / web. Follow the instructions until you get the script code that will be installed in your blog.

3. Then install the Google Analytics code in your blog / web.

4. Done, your blog / website you've recorded by Google AnalyticsIf the new install / new warningsign will appear later (!).

So, have a blog / website you are in pairs of Google Analytics?. If you can not try it now.


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