How to Install Google Button +1 on Blog

Some time ago Google launched a new feature that google +1button, this key functions is to recommend a website to your friends, relatives or others. Then how the recommendations would be displayed? recommendations will be displayed in the Search Engine Google, but for the moment this feature is onlyavailable at instead of in sad:. Many are increasingly pressing the +1 then the higher the position of our blog in google search results.

Regardless of the many pros and cons associated with the launch of +1, but the step from google thiswould indeed be very effective in google search results. When speaking about the search results willdefinitely be menjerumus to SEO, Would there be significant changes? we wait until theimplementation of google in +1.

How to Install Google Button +1 (Manual):


Scroll a little down then there will be a textbox like this:

Put the script in the header.php the head. and for the placement of the button yourself using code<g:plusone> </ g: plusone>, placement can be anywhere, but in my opinion is better placed beside thePost Title.

How to Install Google Button +1 (Automatic):

For users of Wordpress CMS, do not bother using the manual method because there are alreadyplugins to display google +1 button easily, for example:

At least by using the automated ways you can add +1 button without having to know any scripts:oops:. But the manual method was also not a frightening thing, you can learn a little about the scriptby using the manual method.