Jellyfish From the Caribbean, The only creature Eternal Life

Hello friends .. You know the jellyfish, chewy and horribleanimalsLike the jellyfish from the Caribbean on this one.This type of jellyfish can change the cell into the new form the younger, the same way it works like a salamander (a type oflizard) that can numbuhin new legs broken if such atokegencet closet.

Because he does not die off .. spread skrg udah aja guns in the Caribbean, now up to spain, japan, italy. Some scientists recently have discovered a kind of marine micro-organisms called "Turritopsis Nutricula", is perhaps the only creatures that live forever in the world. 

The scientists say the diameter "Turritopsis Nutricula" only 4-5 mm, very small organisms, even has the ability to "re ageless". According to scientists who have long been involved in the investigation of about 4,000 "Turritopsis Nutricula", the results indicate that these jellyfish can be "young again" again, no one has ever died because of their own element. Scientists assert that: "Turritopsis Nutricula" is the only one who found that biology can come back from adult sexual stage to the larval stage. 

Under normal circumstances, the jellyfish will die after reproducing, but "Turritopsis Nutricula" after reaching sexual maturity will come back to the young stage and re-start a process of another life, this theory can be said of this cycle will be repeated. 

"Turritopsis Nutricula" including Hydrozoa is a kind of predator organisms with micro-organisms as a main dish, uses the methods of vegetative propagation, and many live in tropical waters, can also be attached to the ship that sailed around the world, because the volume is very small, so it can not seen whether the impact on ecosystems. 

As for how the magical process "Turritopsis Nutricula" complete "back to the young", mysteries in it still have to wait for the marine biologists and geneticists to answer it.


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