Major Mayhem: Adventure Game For Android

Major Mayhem is one of the most cool adventure game I like. Cool Graphics, Interesting Levels, Costumes attract the user. The performance is good too.

Here's what the developer says:

"Save the world, and your girlfriend

Meet the newest recruit in the Adult Swim Games army: Major Mayhem. He's got an itchy trigger finger, some scratchy stubble, and a fondness for shooting dudes in the face. Run and gun your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil. Guns, grenades and an assortment of other tools of destruction are at your disposal, and you'll need every last one of 'em. So what are you waiting for, Major Mayhem? The future of the Free World -- and your love life -- hangs in the balance."

This game has 45 Levels to complete, 4 different game modes, 150 objectives, 100 achievements, 5 power ups, unique weapons, 42 costumes and much more cool stuff to enjoy!

Spy Mouse For Android By EA Sports

Spy Mouse is an attractive and beautiful game for Android. Although it costs but it is worth buying. In this, we have to save the mouse from the cats and taking the cheese.

Main Features:

  •  Sneak, scamper and snack your way through 70+ deviously challenging levels!
  •  6 unique worlds, full of adventure, each with their own diabolical hench-cat to outwit.
  •  Run circles around your feline foes using all manner of zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups!
  •  Forever fun with achievements, secret levels and thrilling, action-packed updates!
The game costs $0.99 (INR 55 Approx.) which is cheap. It's of 1.5 MB but after downloading it, you will need to download 125 MB+ for which a Wi-fi connection is recommended.

[Tip] How To Delete A Recent Searched Item History?

Now, we are sharing a small tip for Windows users that is about how to delete a recent searched item history. If you couldn't understand, see the following image:

In this image, we will delete the recent searched item 'student'. So, just follow these steps:
1. Open Windows Explorer

2. Click in the search box as shown above in the picture

3. Now hover over the item which you want to delete (In this example, we have selected 'student' to delete)

4. Now press the 'Delete' button on your keyboard.

5. That's it!

If you have any query, you can mention it in comments :)

Download free Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview For Windows 7

Microsoft has released the Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview (Pre-release aka Beta) for Windows 7. It seems that no major UI change has been done. But some good changes are done. Microsoft claims that it is two times faster as fast as Google Chrome 23 and 20-25 percent faster than Firefox 16.

System Requirements:

  • 32-bit or 64-bit edition of Windows 7 SP1 or 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Minumum 512 MB of RAM
  • Minimum 70 / 120 / 200 MB of hard drive space
  • At least 1 GHz processor
Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview comes with built-in spell checker, new scroll bars, option to open last browsing session, new web standards changes and some other changes. It's come with 'Do not track' feature enabled by default. It is faster in comparison to IE 9.
 In many tests of speed and HTML5, it fails to come in Top 5.

[Tip] Access More 'SendTo' Options

Today, we are going to share a small tip. We often use 'SendTo' command present in context menus (Right-click menus) to easily send a file to another place. There are limited options available. Do you know that you can extend the number of options by using a key? Want to know how? Here's how:

Press and hold  SHIFT Key (Don't leave it) and right click on any file/folder. Move to SendTo option and see the changes. Here's a picture to illustrate:

[UPDATE] Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 Released

Download Informer 

UPDATE: This version improves stability.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the great web browser and one of the most used web browser. Mozilla Corporation, its owner, is making it user friendly and easy to use. It uses moderate RAM memory. Mozilla Firefox can run on following four channels:
  1. Beta
  2. Aurora
  3. Nightly
  4. Release
Here is a list of changes occurred in the recent Mozilla versions:
  • First revision of the Social API and support for Facebook Messenger
  • Click-to-play blocklisting implemented to prevent vulnerable plugin versions from running without the user's permission
  • Updated Awesome Bar experience with larger icons
  • JavaScript Maps and Sets are now iterable
  • SVG FillPaint and StrokePaint implemented
  • Improvements that make the Web Console, Debugger and Developer Toolbar faster and easier to use
  • New Markup panel in the Page Inspector allows easy editing of the DOM
  • Sandbox attribute for iframes implemented, enabling increased security
  • Over twenty performance improvements, including fixes around the New Tab page
  • Fixed: Pointer lock doesn't work in web apps
  • Fixed: Page scrolling on sites with fixed headers

Most Luxury Prison in the World

Syriac Artalita prison space like in the prison, it was not much. Many people thought the building as it is a five star because all kinds is there really complete and pampering its occupants. Look like a five star hotel with ultra modern minimalist style and it's turned out to be a prison!. Well if this seems like a better prison than staying in a rented house, hehehehe .....
The prison is located in Leoben, Austria. We'll see what yuu prison, Hemm .. losing star deh same prison. Definitely really live like prisoners here. Want killers, corruption, or just a chicken thief does not make any difference. Want to try? quasi we see prison atuh ......
Do-not many of them actually deliberately committed a crime, in order to get into this place, because they look so happy to be there.

Strange Pictures in the Sky The Recorded Google Maps

This strange picture recorded in the sky Portugal by Google Maps ... 

View the source here: googlemaps

9 Reasons Switch from Facebook to Google Plus

Can Google+ (Google Plus) steal users from Facebook? Yes. There are several good reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+, ranging from the easy to use data privacy.
The question "Can Google+ beat Facebook?". The question is actually probably not too appropriate. It's not about one site against other sites. Google+ greater than that. The reason why I call it the "Google+ Project" is that Google+ will become a central part of Google's overall identity. It will reshape the company.

So the more appropriate question is "can Google beat Facebook?" If placed as it is, the contest seems to be much more balanced.

Of course, Facebook has a great beginning, but there are good reasons for people to seriously leave Facebook for Google+. There are at least nine reasons as cited kompasianer, Oscar, from PCWorld.

1. Integration with Google services
The largest portion owned by Google to attract people using Google+ is integration. This means that Google will build Google+ features and tools into almost all of its online services ranging from document search to Video. Google+ is integrated into almost all Google products.

It allows you to monitor all Google+ events (messages, updates, etc.) as share content with friends without leaving the Google service you are using. Millions of people use free Google services (Gmail, Docs, Search, etc..), And the attachment service with Google+ might be easy for someone to leave Facebook.

2. Management better friendships
Google is true that the concept of "circle" or Circle more in line with the way we are friends in real life. We have many types of friends, and we interact and communicate with them in different ways. Facebook Groups feature allows you to form a special group of friends, but in comparison to that done in Google+, it seems impractical. After all, Facebook Groups feature is still new (additional), while the Circle is the cornerstone of the Google+ platform.

3. Better mobile apps
If you are an Android user, you can know that getting content from your phone to your social platform is easier, cleaner, more functionality with Google+ mobile applications. The application had been steady, but I will keep looking and looking for ways to make your Android become members of the body of your Google+ social platform. Google hopes to use its Android user base as large as a piece against Facebook, which despite its mobile apps look pretty but a bit clunky to use.

4. Find it easier to share
Spark features of Google+ is another important thing that sets it apart from Facebook. Spark is where Google leveraging its search engine to do something that can not be done Facebook is giving users instant information flow relevant to share with friends. Because Facebook does not have a search engine, users must leave the site looking for data that can be shared or wait for them to share it with their friends. The question "how do I look for something to be shared" directly answered with Spark.

5. You can retrieve your data
Facebook is known less reliable handling of personal data. For example, you are forced to make certain parts of your personal data appears to the public, and it is hard to permanently delete your Facebook profile. On the other hand, Google makes it possible for you to retrieve all the data you put on Google+ and leave. This is done through Google+ devices called "Data Liberation". With just a few clicks you can download data from your Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google+ stream, Buzz and contacts.

6. Label better photos
When viewing photos in Google+ you can label the names of people in them similar to Facebook. You make a small square around their faces, and then type in their name in the box below or choose one of the names Google+ guess. But there is a big difference where Google handles the privacy aspect of the label image. When you label someone, there will be a note like this "Adding this tag will notify the person you labelkan. They can related photos and albums". On the other hand, Facebook does not make an effort to warn people that they have been labeled (probably not good in the photo) and give them an immediate opportunity to remove (remove) label.

Google has also decided to slightly embarrassed to use facial recognition software, which is now used Facebook to automatically identify people in photos uploaded to user albums.

7. Features a solid group chat
Google+ features that beat Facebook in the affairs of the chat. It's easy to create a special group vidio chat using the Google+ Hangouts feature, and create special groups for gab seems to be something natural and fun thing to do in social networks. A similar case was conducted by Huddle mobile app makes Android users start a group text chats. Facebook does not offer this device.

8. Divide contents safer
Prompts Privacy has long asked for social networking sites to allow users to determine the level of privacy of any content that is shared, rather than using a list of default settings that determine all the shared content. Google seems to hear the request, and build these capabilities into Google+. For example, if I share an article or upload a camera image, Google+ gives me choices circle of friends where I want to share the content. it is an advantage Google+.

9. Google better care of your personal data
Running a social network, all of the responsibility for taking care of users' personal information. Facebook is a fast-moving young company that has proven cavalier in its movement, is less concerned about the privacy of user data, and easily accessible to others. On the other hand, Google is a much more mature company that looks far more reliable than Facebook. The most part, Google has been operating under the slogan "Do not Be Evil". 

Google Showcase Computer Glasses

G o o g l e introduce advanced nan futuristic sunglasses. Glasses are currently referred to as Project Glass brings abi 
computing ladies were simply stunning.
Controlled by voice, Google goggles can be used to perform an online search, email and navigation directions. Even can also be used for video chat.
Glasses based augmented reality technology can display a variety of information such as indicating where the user's location and weather conditions. Users can also locate other users with the Google Latitude system.
Reported by DailyMail and quoted on Thursday (05/04/2012), these glasses seem to wear the Android operating system. Icons and menu appearance seemed familiar with the green robot OS. Glass Project created by the team at the lab, dubbed Google Google X.
"Our group of Google X launch Project Glass to make this kind of technology, something that helps you explore and share your world," says Google.
"We share this information now because we wanted to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took some photos to show what kind of possibilities this technology and video to demonstrate it," added Google.
There is no information when the glasses are ready for the market. Rumors say Glass Project will be sold around the end of 2012.

Google's History of Early Stories Funny, Interesting and Unique

Google, who does not know ... Well sometimes there's still a handful of people who still use yahoo to make searching but now in the eyes of the world, Google is a powerful .. in spite of this giant figure turns out they have a unique history ..

1. Larry Page and Sergey Brin initially hostile.
For those who are both intelligent, LP and SB are two people who are arguing with each other even for small matters such as who should close the door or who is more used to read the newspaper. Tiff is often interfere with their fraternity brothers friends. Apparently they fought not for hating each other, but they get used to each other competitively. After all, they always end tiff laugh together

2. Sergey Brin more flirtatious than Larry Page
If women's affairs, Larry Page is more conservative than Sergey Brin.

3. Google Founders never frustrating.
After consecutive rejected AltaVista, Excite, and (last) Yahoo, LP and SB equally frustrating. Create a Page Technology RankGoogle as they wither before it develops. They never dreamed I would be by now. At that time they thought only one: completing their PhD as soon as possible and improve Google as you go along. Even sangking frustration, I had not glimpsed for 1 week.

4. LP and SB menggojlok Eric Schmidt as Google's first office in.
LP and abetting SB Eric tricked by handing out free credit card company to its employees. Of course Eric dizziness, and additional work: take back the credit card of the karyawanyang also trying to hide. The other day Eric bullied by a sudden there was a pay phone in his office. Also Refrigerator and massage chairs. If Eric did not have a sense of humor, he might go ballistic. But he was conscious of being bullied two founders. So sing sane relented ....

5. False stories for company names
Surname Google publicized by the company as a story of misspellings of the word Googol, which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros into Google. In fact, according to one leaked early Google employee, said Google actually comes from the word "Go Girl!", Where Sergey Brin someday acquire the idea while watching a sports game with the shouting Cherleader Go Girl! Go Girl! (Gogel) doubted the story is supported two facts: Sergey Brin likes to watch the Cherleader, and second: Google sponsoring the Cherleader to put the writing on the shirt Cherleader Google. Why have created fake stories that make sense, because the negative connotations GoGirl is not in accordance with the company's image if one wanted to go public.

6. Larry Page wants to make auto Transport, Sergey Brin wanted to create a colony on Mars.
This later really realized. At least, try to be realized. Larry The idea started with the electric car project, Sergey ideas realized with Project Virgle.

7. Sign ~ is more powerful than an * are rarely used.
Long ago in the days of DOS was victorious, a * ​​very useful to find all files named particular. Now in the days of DOS her Internet (Google) then a ~ replaces the wildcard function with a little bit important difference: more intelligent. A ~ if typed in front of a particular word, means we menginginkanGoogle to search all data related to specific keywords and synonyms. For example ~ the motor, then all pages containing the word motor and synonyms, such as motorcycle show, motorcycle, or motor boat will be displayed.

15 The World's First Discovery

1. World's First Digital Camera (1975): Works Kodak engineer Steve Sasson  
In December 1975, Kodak engineer Steve Sasson created something that would revolutionize photography: the world's first digital camera. It was the size of a toaster, and captured black and white images at a resolution of 100 × 100 - or 0.01 megapixels in marketing terminology. The images were stored on cassette tape, taking 23 seconds to write. The camera uses an ADC from Motorola, a lens from a Kodak movie camera, and a CCD chip from Fairchild Semiconductor - the same technology that digital cameras still use today. To playback the images, a special computer and tape reader setup (pictured below) was built, outputting the grainy images on a standard TV. It took over 23 seconds to read each image from tape. 
2. World's First Motel (1925): Motel Inn
Motel Inn in San Luis Obispo, California, is the world's first motel. Built in 1925 by LA architect Arthur Heineman, who coined the term motel meaning "motor hotel." Motel Inn was originally called the Milestone Mo-Tel.Harga permalam is $ 1.25. Heineman could not afford the trademark registration fee, so that the competitors could use the word "motel."This motel is still in operation today. 

3.Sampul World's First Album (1938): Smash Song Hits by Rodgers and Hart 
Before Alex Steinweiss (23th), designing the cover, the album was created in 1938 to Columbia Records, sold in plain brown paper wrapper. The album "Smash Song Hits by Rodgers and Hart" was the world's first album cover. 

4. World's First Novel (1007): Tale of Genji 
In 1007, a Japanese court lady put the finishing touches on what is considered the world's first novel. Span of 75 years, more than 350 characters, and filled with romantic poems, which tells the story of an emperor's son, his quest for love, and many qualified women along the way. Was written by Murasaki Shikibu Japanese nobility. 

5.Web Server and Web Site First In The World (1990): a NeXT computer at CERN is the world's first address as the web site and web server, running on a NeXT computer at CERN. Areas first web page address http://info. / hypertex t / WWW / theproject. html, which was created by Tim Berners-Lee. 
6. World's First Motorcycle (1885): Daimler's "riding car" 
First Motorcycle was designed and built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Bad Cannstatt (Stuttgart) in 1885. Basically it is a motorcycle, although the inventors called the Reitwagen ("riding car"). It is also the first vehicle to be powered oil. 

7. X-ray World's First (1895): wife's hand Rntgen 
In 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Rntgen, professor of physics at the University Wurburg Germany, was doing experiments with electrical discharges in evacuated glass tubes. Late in 1895 Wilhelm Rntgen alone at night trial run, this time in the dark and see the light produced in the wall, which he knew was not caused by fluorescent light. He named, rays 'X' or if you prefer; X-ray. After several months of playing with this discovery, he noticed that objects place in the path of light can produce shadows and creating pictures on the wall. Soon after he used a plate and photographed his wife, Frau Rntgen, put his hand in the path of the X-ray, and created the first X-ray images of the world. In 1901 Wilhelm Rntgen awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery. 
8.Mouse World's First Computer (1964): by Douglas Engelbart 
The world's first computer mouse was made ​​by Douglas Engelbart in 1964, consists of two gears are positioned perpendicular to each other - allowing movement on one axis.Ergonomic shape, great button placement - and it's made ​​of wood. 

9. First Skyscraper in the World (1885): Home Insurance Building in Chicago
Regarded as the first skyscraper in the world due to its unique architectural and unique weight bearing frame, building was constructed in 1885 in Chicago, Illinois and demolished in 1931 to build the Field Building (now the LaSalle National Bank Building). It was the first building to use structural steel in its frame, but the majority of the structure consists of cast and wrought iron. 
10. World's First Concept Car (1938): Buick Y-Job 
Designed in 1938 by renowned designer Harley Earl of General Motors, Buick Y-Job is considered by most to be the first concept car. 
11. World's First MP3 Player (1998): MPMan 32MB 
Released in 1998, the Eiger Labs MPMan is the world's first MP3 player with 32MB of internal memory - expandable to 64MB. Available in F10 or F20 models, the latter with SmartMedia compatibility, this player for $ 69 + shipping. The size is 91 x 70 x 16.5 mm. 

12. Crossword First In The World (1913): by Arthur Wynne
In 1913, Arthur Wynne had the task of designing the weekly puzzle page for Fun, the eight page comic section of the New York World, a major newspaper of the time. When he created the so-called Word-Cross for the Christmas edition, published on December 21, he had no idea that he would start a new craze across the world. 

13.Microprocessor First in the World (1971): Intel 4004 
In November 1971, a company called Intel introduced the first single chip microprocessor, the Intel 4004 (U.S. Patent # 3,821,715), invented by Intel engineers Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff, and Stan Mazor. After the invention of the integrated circuit which is then revolutionized computer design. Intel 4004 making integrated circuits go one step further by placing all the parts that make a computer think (ie central processing unit, memory, input and output controls) on one small chip.

14. World's First Magazine (1731): The Gentleman's Magazine 
The Gentleman's Magazine, first published in 1731, in London, is considered to have been the first magazine. Edward Cave, who edited The Gentleman's Magazine under the pen name "Sylvanus Urban", was the first to use the term "magazine", on the analogy of a military storehouse of various materials, which were originally derived from the Arabic makazin "barn". And ceased publication in September, 1907.

15. First Pictures (1826): "View from the Window at Le Gras" 

Download Google Chrome 23 Stable

Google Chrome

According to Google, Google Chrome's recent released comes with following featrures/improvements:

  • Mouse Lock API availability for Javascript
  • Additional Windows 8 enhancements
  • Continued polish for users of HiDPI/Retina screens
  • Support for more natural gaming on web apps
I will update the topic whenever an update is available. You can download Google Chrome using following Links: 

Download Google Chrome Online Installer 

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 

Download Google Chrome Portable