How to Use Google Translate

Google Translate serves to translate the various languages. Typically, the translated language, must every word. If you're using Google Translate, the translation can be done in a sentence and even paragraph. 

Now Google Translate translation results the better. If you struggle to translate the English language, can use google services on this one. 

How to use the 

1. Go to page 

Google Translate page views 

2. In the From section, select the language to be translated. For example, English. 

3. In the To section, select the language of the translation. We select Indonesian. 

4. Enter the text to be translated 

5. Click Translate. 

6. The translation will be displayed on the right page of Google Translate 

How to Read Through HP Ebook

Ebook is an electronic book format that usually PDF. Electronic-based book is difficult to read at any time. Maybe we should print it first or ngeprint to read Ebook where and anytime. But they will be quite a hassle and cost of paper and ink. Well, if you have a cell phone based on java, what's the harm to be used as a tool or device to read ebooks. Curious khan? Okeh deh directly to the discussion of how to read ebook via hp. 

Step-by-step ebook reading through hp 

1. Download Ebook of the internet to be used as the material. It is up to the title, if I use the free Ebook mbah obtained from Google. 
2. Ebook already prepared. Now download MJ Book Maker Software. Software is free but a scar, Just 700 kb in size. Quite small, simple and not complicated. 
3. While waiting for MJ Book Maker finished downloading, change pdf files into text format with software Pdf2text. It could also be the way in acrobat reader Save As dialog box and then save as change the Save as type to Plain Text (*. Txt). Ebook format had to be converted into text by MJ Book Maker can only change the format *. Txt to *. Jar (format for Java Application) 
4. If MJ Book Maker is finished downloading, open the application. No need for this application based nginstal Portable. This picture 

• Book name (midlet name): fill with ebook titles. 
• Information about books, authors etc.: Fill in the information about the ebook. For example, publishers, authors, etc.. 
• Source text file: looking for ebook files that you change to text format by clicking the icon "..." 
• Max size of text part (in bytes): Write the numbers are large or above 100 thousand to create ebook apps into one. Write the numbers small or below 100 thousand to create applications Ebook into pieces 
• Font: select the font that you like by clicking the "..." 
• Font color: select a font color for applications Ebook 
• Back color: choose the background color for FREE Ebook 
• Line spacing: line spacing 
• Char spacing: spacing between letters 
• Word wrap: put a tick in the box next to it 
• On the right screen, adjust the screen size of your mobile phone. 
5. Once the above is completed then click on the START button and wait for a moment and then click the Show button to see the results of the application Midlet Ebook 
6. Enter the file format *. Jar into your phone 
How the above is not so perfect, therefore if there is a lack in understanding common question via comments. Congratulations Creating Applications Ebook 

7 Most Popular Social Networking Sites

1. Facebook 

According to Wikipedia 
Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004 that is operated and owned by Facebook, Inc.. 

Users can create a personal profile, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile.Additionally, users can join a user group that has a specific purpose, sorted by workplace, school, college, or other characteristics.

2. Twitter 

According to Wikipedia 
Twitter is a website owned and operated by Twitter Inc.., Which offers a social networking micro-blogging that allows users to send and read messages called Chirp (tweets). Tweets are text posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user profile page. Tweets can be seen outside, but senders can restrict message delivery to their friends list only. Users can see other writers chirp known as followers (Follower).

3. LinkedIn 

According to Wikipedia 
LinkedIn is a social networking website oriented businesses, mainly used for professional networking. As of September 2007 this site has over 14 million registered users, covering 150 industries and more than 400 economic areas are classified according to merit. 

LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye is currently and offices are located in Mountain View, California. The company is funded by Greylock, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners and European Founders Fund. LinkedIn began to reap the benefits (positive cash flow) since March 2006.

4. MySpace 

According to Wikipedia 
MySpace is a social networking site. Its headquarters is located in Beverly Hills, California, and in one office building with its immediate owner, the News Digital Media, News Corporation belongs.

5. Friendster 

According to Wikipedia 
Friendster, an idea derived its name from the name of Napster, is a social networking website which provides the facility to create a profile and then fill in the data itself to then get an account on Friendster. In Friendster, we are also able to see our friends and friends of friends of friends of our friends, in addition to seeing our own friends.

6. Multiply 

According to Wikipedia is a social networking site with features that enable people to mutually share some media, such as photos, videos, and blogs. provide blog service. The blog post to can be automatically forwarded to an account LiveJournal, Blogger or Typepad

7. Orkut 

According to Wikipedia 
Orkut is a social networking service, allowing users to view personal and professional information, meet new friends and maintain friendships established. Here, users can also join a community that has a common interest. 

However the service was taken from its creator, Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten named. When it first appeared, Orkut will only be obtained through invitation, and opened to the public since October 2006.

pearls of Bible Words

The list below is 20 blessing of the Bible to you and me. Hopefully it strengthen you and I when it is down.

1. Why do I say "I can not" when the Bible says I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)?

2. Why should I lack when I know that God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)?

3. Why should I fear when the Bible says that God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Tim 1:7)?

4. Why should I lack faith I know that God has given me a measure of faith (Romans 12:3)?

5. Why should I be weak when the Bible says that God is light and my salvation, and that I will remain strong and will act (Ps 27:1, and 11:32)?

6. Why should I allow Satan supremacy over my life when He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4)?

7. Why should I accept defeat when the Bible says that God in Christ always leads us in triumph (2 Corinthians 2:14)?

8. Why should I lack wisdom when Christ became wisdom to me from God and God gives wisdom when I ask Him for it (1 Cor 1:30; Jas 1:5)?

9. Why should I be depressed if I can remember that I can look forward to God's love and faithfulness and endless every morning (Lam 3:21-23)?

10. Why should I worry, fret and fuss if I can cast all my anxiety on maintaining my God (1 Pet 5:7)?

11. Why should I ever be in bondage if I knew where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty, and Christ has set us (2 Cor 3:17; Gal 5:1)?

12. Why should I feel condemned when the Bible says I am no longer under condemnation because I am in Christ (Rom 8:1)?

13. Why should I feel alone when Jesus said He would always be with me, will not allow and will not leave me (Matthew 28:20, Hebrews 13:5)?

14. Why should I feel accursed or that I am the victim of bad luck when the Bible says that Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law so that by faith we receive the Spirit that had been promised it (Gal 3:13-14)?

15. Why should I be discontented when I, like Paul, can learn to be content in all circumstances (Philippians 4:11)?

16. Why should I feel worthless when Christ became sin for us, so that in Him we are justified by God (2 Corinthians 5:21)?

17. Why do I have a persecution complex if I knew that if God is for me nothing can be against me (Rom. 8:31)?

18. Why should I be confused when God is the author of peace and He gives me knowledge through His Spirit who dwells in us (1 Corinthians 14:33; 2:12)

19. Why should I feel like a failure when the Bible says that as a child of God I am more than a conqueror in all things through Him who loved me (Romans 8:37)?

20. Why should I let the pressures of life bother me if I can take courage knowing that Jesus has overcome the world and suffering (John 16:33)? "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:11 a)

How to Overcome and Prevent Lost Blogger

"Sory, the blog has been removed at This address is not available for new blogs." 

Was really making a heart attack if we open our blog and that appears is the message. Plus when we log in and view the dashboard we empty the content, blogs that we make it all disappear. In this case I suspect that some diangal tersangaka google as malware, jadai hati2 if fellow bloggers working with some ads / suspects below: 

- Main Suspect: (one program raises earnings popup) 
- Suspect two: (one program banner CPM) 
- Third Suspect: (same as pay-ads) 

Perhaps of the three suspects who I suspected it was an innocent, I still do not know that for sure which of the three who was really guilty, but based on my experience I installed a few programs in my blog. So for the fellow-bloggers who participated atopun will participate in the program please be careful, rather than open it earned $ dollars but instead lose all blogs owned. 

Then what would we do if we experience these events, if my experience aba beberepa things you can do are: 

1. Contact blogger through the "contact us bloggers" on this 

2. Go to "Blogger Help Group", expressed permasalahanmu there because there are a lot of bloggers who have the same case, and there is also an employee bloggers can overcome our problems. 

Oh yes there are a few tips that I did not experience or at least reduce the risk of a more severe than this sort of thing: 

1. If you make a lot of blogs in one account should not because in a case like this, not just a blog that contains malware that will diremove blogger wrote but all the blogs that exist Dalma one account. 
2. Careful in selecting advertisements earnings, rather than open it earned dollars but instead lost blog. 

3. If you want to get dollars from paid ads then find one who has paid and not a scam. 

4. The most important thing if you want something instant the liability risks exist because of something that instant there must be something harmful. 

How to Fix a Corrupted Flash Disk

cara memperbaiki flashdiskHow to Fix a grouch - Are the data traveler or often called a USB stick buddy damage? Certainly very unfortunate not, especially if flash is your favorite flash, and a lot of data and not the data? wah wah wah, high blood pressure can be made. Generally, damage flashsdisk divided into two (2) types of damage is damage to mechanical failure or physical failure and damage to the software. The damage of the hardware such as flash broken, loose solder, broken pcb track etc.. While damage from the flash software is the damage which can not function even physically in good shape. Damage is the latter that can be completed by using the software to repair the damage they will flash.

As you might experience when striking the stick into your PC or laptop port, apparently flash does not work and the message that might make you upset. Some common types of messages that appear; Properties "flash read 0 bytes". The message "Please insert a disk into drive X:" The message "device media is write-protected" The message "There is no media in the specified device" Notice: For the following software only works if the problem on the flash is like 4 points above, for cases where flash is not detected, the tool does not work. How to Fix a flash with the Software, and this tool can help you;

Repair Flashdisk - download here

PS: Based on our sadur article said that most of the above software Software has been on trial by the owner and it worked, but try to complete their own testing yes. Hopefully this information how to fix the flash above is useful =) Fetched search: how to fix flash write protected, how to fix the flash that can not be formatted to fix a dead flash total, how to fix an unreadable flash, flash how to fix affected by the virus, how to fix the flash rawcara fix flash 0 bytes, how to fix the flash that kept the format requested

How to Fix Blue Screen Windows 7

"Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)" is due to critical errorsin the Windows Operating System that causes all running applications had to be stopped. On this occasion I will share the experience of a few tips how to fix computer that has the bluescreen
Sometimes for us beginners, or those new to the world of computers was very upset and a little scared sih.Nah here I will share the experience of facing the problem on windows where suddenly turn into blue screen which is called by the people who are involved in the world of IT ( bluescreen).
First of all if my friend all face problems as I mentioned earlier the first attitude is someone we do not panic, especially if the friend all see a screen that says dumping memory, do not panic (heheheh meaning slow) do not splashy trus says faulty RAM memory Windows 7 product or ugly.
Actually the steps are simple, first restart your computer and wait for the computer to reboot. Well koq blue screen again, oops do not immediately get angry, well, try turning off your computer, Press the Power button on the computer, and hold it until the computer was really off. Then restart the computer, press F8 while booting and wait and then you will log on windows boot option, well here select boot with safe mode, wait until the windows boot with safe mode. Well now you are logged into the operating system safe mode.Langkah s tart then click Windows select Control Panel >> System & Security >> ​​Center >> recovery >> action open System restore >> next >> next >> finish >> yes. Wait and let windows auto restart, after that windows will boot again, well now windowsnya was able to boot normally again and no blue screen again or dumping memory.
Well if the above way can not solve the problem in another way, namely cobara.
Repair Windows Operating System
Bluescreen sometimes occurs because there are some Windows files are corrupted, to solve the easiest way is to do a Repair on the Windows operating system, using your Windows DVD Operating Sytem.
And if the above way also can not solve the problem of the blue before, now try the other way, namely,
Checking the Hardware Device.
The first check your hard disk it is, sometimes the bad condition of the hard disk, or poorly, can lead to Blue Screen, if the hard disk is okay, and you do not find significant damage a good idea to check your RAM memory, make sure that Your RAM is installed properly, or if it is needed check your RAM by running the program "Windows Memory Diagnostic"

Good luck, well,,, may be useful.

How Overcoming Bluescreen On Laptops

Overcoming Bluescreen On LaptopsOvercoming Bluescreen On Laptops - Bluescreen, Have you while doing jobs report, browsing the internet, or playing favorite games, suddenly your laptop restarts by itself, and then when it was rebooted unexpectedly just bluescreen you get with some information listed. But still, you can not use a laptop. 

Bluescreen also called Bluescreen of Death (BSOD) is a term that is widely known for the screen displayed when the Windows operating system experience a system error (or so-called stop error by windows). Some of the things that led to the emergence of this BSOD, including a hardware driver that is not good, the RAM memory writing error, system crash on the registry windows or use dll files that do not match. 

On a PC, unlike a laptop or notebook, you can easily analyze the recent changes to your PC, especially in hardware. Unfortunately, the users who use a laptop it is very difficult to do, while still under warranty the store, not everyone can easily understand the hardware-hardware in the laptop. But do not be discouraged beforehand ... Overcoming some Bluescreen On Laptops are ... 

First, make sure the first safe mode menu is not experiencing crashes (this is if the latest driver for hardware that is not helped to load the windows). To be on the safe mode , when the initial boot continuously hit F5, then select safe mode in the options that appear, at the beginning of the display, you will be asked whether to enable System Restore menu, select No to enable system restore. Perform a restore on your windows, how: Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore. Choose the closest restore point. If you do not want to use system restore on windows, 

In addition to the above, the best way is by clicking disable your hardware drivers are the latest. How: press Windows + Pause Break simultaneously to display your windows system properties, select hardware tab, select the device manager to display the device manager. Disable hardware drivers you install before the Bluescreen. Or do a driver rollback to revert to the previous driver. 

In some cases bluescreen or BSOD, we absolutely can not use a laptop. To overcome it requires a Software like Acronis True Image (can be downloaded for free on the internet ) or a kind of back-up software. To make sure that before you have back up your system first. Make bootable CD media on your PC or laptop your friend, then do the boot with the CD. Then do you restore the backup system. 

In addition to driver error, Bluescreen can also be caused by a virus / trojan disguised as file services on the system, such as smss.exe, winlogon.exe, services.exe Isass.exe and. To fix this try to keep track of virus / trojan is a portable antivirus program, run an antivirus program, but this time instead of a removable storage such as hard disks or flash. Perform a virus scan through unremovable storage such as CD or DVD. This is why you need antivirus portable so you do not need to perform the installation process prior to your system that may have been infected by a virus / trojan first. 

Good luck Overcoming Bluescreen On Laptops ...!!

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How to Make a New Email From Gmail

This post is for those of you who are still confused, gmail email from Google. Mail function of gmail but can be used to send emal can also be used to create a blog. If you have a gmail account of this then automatically all google products you can access with this account. 

The following steps create a Gmail Email 
    cara buat email baru
  1. The first step in how to create a Gmail email address is open your browser. cara membuat email dari gmail
  2. On the registration page there is a log in the right hand column and the Sign in Create an account, please click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  3. You will go to the registration page and follow the all the data you complete, its details are as follows:
  • Name: Fill in the name of your yourself, first name and last name.
  • Name Log-Log desired: the contents of a word to your email address, and make sure the word is not too used by others, check by clicking check availability.
  • Password: This is the password that only you know. Use a strong password but easily remembered by your own.
  • Confirm your password: To ensure the password you entered is correct, google ask you to re-enter the password you wrote down earlier.
  • Security Question: select the type of questions provided by Google.
  • Answer: The answer to the previous question (make sure the answer is only you who can figure it out).
  • Email Recovery: Fill in the email address that already exists, it is useful if there is a problem with or forgotten password.
  • Location: the contents of your location.
  • Date of Birth: Fill in the date of birth, month and year.
  • Type the code shown: You must type the code exactly as shown-up, if one re-up right.
  • Check the small box (service requirements) are readily available to confirm you agree to the terms of google.
  • If the data is completely filled you please press the "I accept. Create my account "to continue
Furthermore, There is an additional verification of the google one through Mobile, enter your phone number and wait for the verification code sent by google via SMS. if you have received the verification code and then enter the verification column that has been provided.
Next you will be redirected to the page please fill in your email and your profile. Email Successfully created.