Windows 8 vNext boot screen for Windows 7

In continuation to the previously posted article about customizing Windows 7 boot screen using Boot Updater, this Tuesday we have another awesome boot screen waiting for you. Read on.
This new boot screen is called vNext (codename for Windows 8) boot screen and resembles the boot screen in Windows build 7989.

Interested ? Lets see how to use it as your boot screen.

1. Download the latest Boot Updater & the vNext boot screen and unzip both of them (download links below)
2. Run the .exe file
3. Click on File > Load Boot Skin.

4. Now browse to the location where the vNext boot screen is present and open it.
5. Preview the new boot screen and then click on Apply in Boot Updater.
Enjoy your Windows 8 boot screen for Windows 7.
In case of any more doubts about using this utility, refer the Windows 7 Boot Updater guide.
Caution: This guide is for highly experienced users. In case of any problem using the Boot updater, please refer the Windows 7 Boot Updater guide.


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