Facebook programming challenge to get a phone interview

Solve the programming challenge being conducted by Facebook and get a phone interview.
Facebook is now hiring engineers by conducting an online programming challenge which is the first step to move to the next round i.e, phone interview.
The first round is a timed event where question is given and code has to be written for it as soon as possible in one of the following languages - C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, C#, PHP. It is reported that the test could be of 1-2 hours duration.
There is also an option to download sample test cases and test if the code written is working fine or not.
To attempt the test, you need to login with your Facebook account.
But before giving the test, it is natural for us to wonder what kind of questions might be asked. Fortunately there is also a Sample Test (of 45 minutes duration) which contains one question.


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