Minimize using your mouse on Facebook–use keyboard shortcuts

Dear Facebook users,
Today let us go through a set of keyboard shortcuts to make life easier for all of us (Facebook users). This might be especially useful for those of us accessing Facebook on a laptop especially when moving the cursor around with a touchpad feels difficult.
NOTE: The shortcut keys change depending on the browser – Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. (Sorry Internet Explorer users – I did not find any shortcuts as of now)
  • Google Chrome users : All the shortcuts start with the Alt key.
  • Mozilla Firefox users : All the shortcut keys start with Shift+Alt key.
The following shortcuts are shown for Google Chrome.
(*) Quick Search : Alt + ? :
To place the pointer in the search box, type Alt and ? key together in Google Chrome. (Firefox users got to hit Shift , Alt and ? keys together)
(*) Homepage : Alt + 1 :
Pressing the Alt and 1 keys together on Chrome opens the Facebook home after logging in. Firefox users have to use it as Shift+Alt+1.
(*) Your Timeline or Profile : Alt + 2
Pressing the Alt and 2 keys together on Chrome opens the Facebook timeline or profile. Firefox users have to use it as Shift+Alt+2.
(*) New Message : Alt + M
To compose a new message, just type the Alt and M keys together.
(Firefox = Shift+Alt+M)
(*) Message Inbox : Alt + 4
Hitting the Alt and 4 keys together quickly opens your Message inbox.
(*) All Notifications : Alt + 5
To check all the recent notifications, hit Alt + 5 in Chrome. You know what it is in Firefox.
(*) Settings page : Alt + 6
Pressing Alt and 6 keys together, opens the general account settings.
I guess these shortcut keys are enough for general navigation and it is also difficult to remember more shortcut keys. However here we summarize other shortcuts :
Privacy settings page
Alt + 7
Shift+Alt + 7
Facebook page
Alt + 8
Shift+Alt + 8
Legal terms
Alt + 9
Shift+Alt + 9
Help center
Alt + 0
Shift+Alt + 0
Using such shortcut keys makes others feel that you are an expert. Right ?
So, get ready to be a keyboard shortcut expert with these simple tricks.
UPDATE: Stay tuned for a similar Google+ cheat sheet.


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