Google Showcase Computer Glasses

G o o g l e introduce advanced nan futuristic sunglasses. Glasses are currently referred to as Project Glass brings abi 
computing ladies were simply stunning.
Controlled by voice, Google goggles can be used to perform an online search, email and navigation directions. Even can also be used for video chat.
Glasses based augmented reality technology can display a variety of information such as indicating where the user's location and weather conditions. Users can also locate other users with the Google Latitude system.
Reported by DailyMail and quoted on Thursday (05/04/2012), these glasses seem to wear the Android operating system. Icons and menu appearance seemed familiar with the green robot OS. Glass Project created by the team at the lab, dubbed Google Google X.
"Our group of Google X launch Project Glass to make this kind of technology, something that helps you explore and share your world," says Google.
"We share this information now because we wanted to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took some photos to show what kind of possibilities this technology and video to demonstrate it," added Google.
There is no information when the glasses are ready for the market. Rumors say Glass Project will be sold around the end of 2012.


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