How to enable Facebook Timeline ?

How to enable Facebook Timeline ?
Facebook timeline is the recent major announcement from Facebook revamping the way a user profile on it looks like. It is a visual chronological order of how a user profile looks like.
So now how do you enable the Facebook timeline right now while there is still weeks time for it to officially roll out to all your profiles?
Simple 8 steps explained to get it right now !
If you’re willing to go through a series of eight steps, you can get into the brand-new Facebook Timeline right now.
Simply follow the instructions in our gallery below, and suddenly you’ll be basking in a new world of Facebook goodness, just like the developers are. Follow the instructions carefully, and good luck.
Please note: If you haven’t already verified your Facebook account with either a mobile phone number or credit card number, you’ll be asked to do so before you can try the new features. If you need more help with that,here’s a helpful link.
Click here for a slideshow of these 8 steps. [via Mashable]


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