How to use Google Cloud Print from Android Phones ?

How to Cloud print from your Android device
If you’ve got an Android-powered mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet then you’ll know just how useful it can be for helping you stay connected on the move, while also streamlining lots of other computing tasks thanks to an array of available apps.
These natty little chunks of software allow all manner of chores to be carried out and, thanks to some recent developments, the world of printing from a mobile gadget has become much more straightforward too. Printing documents used to be all about hooking up to an available device using a tankage of cables and installing software on a traditional machine.
Now though, it can be done with pretty much any mobile gizmo. There is an array of different options for you to get started. Including Google Docs, which allows you to print documents, spreadsheets and other files through Google Cloud Print.
What is Google Cloud Print ?
Google Cloud Print is a service that makes the home and work printers available to you and anyone you choose anywhere and anytime. Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from.
Here we concentrate on using this service from an Android phone.
What all can be printed using this on your Android phone ?
You can also select any other item from your Android device to print, so this could be anything from photographs and diagrams through to lists of contacts and musings from your notepad or clipboard.
How does this work ?
The service works with a variety of different printers and connects via wireless so you’ll need to configure things first, although this can be done in mere minutes by following the online instructions that comes with the Cloud Print service.
When you’re ready to print an item then you’ll find the service listed in this Share menu, which will then give you quick and easy access to outputting your documents within a few seconds.
In case the printer you have used to print documents is offline (not connected to internet) then the print job will wait in the print queue in the cloud. Your printer will download and print the document/photo as soon as it comes back online.
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What kind of Printers can be used ?
Newer Printers which are “CloudReady” connect directly to the internet and can register themselves with Google Cloud Print without a laptop or PC. If you would like touse older printers to Cloud Print then they have to be connected to a laptop or PC, and registered with Google Cloud Print using a feature in Google Chrome.
Simply select the printer that you want to work with, there should be one that suits your needs, although bear in mind that the service only tends to work with more popular and newer printer models for obvious reasons.
More options in the Android app
Then all you need to do is queue up your selected document for printing, which will appear in a box like this that gives you the option to begin the printing process to the device that you have chosen in the earlier steps.
You can also tweak both major and minor settings but accessing the Cloud Print interface controls, and this can be useful for stating the sort of paper size that you want, along with changing printers if you get a newer model over time.
Do watch this video on Google Cloud Print to understand how it works


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