9 Reasons Switch from Facebook to Google Plus

Can Google+ (Google Plus) steal users from Facebook? Yes. There are several good reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+, ranging from the easy to use data privacy.
The question "Can Google+ beat Facebook?". The question is actually probably not too appropriate. It's not about one site against other sites. Google+ greater than that. The reason why I call it the "Google+ Project" is that Google+ will become a central part of Google's overall identity. It will reshape the company.

So the more appropriate question is "can Google beat Facebook?" If placed as it is, the contest seems to be much more balanced.

Of course, Facebook has a great beginning, but there are good reasons for people to seriously leave Facebook for Google+. There are at least nine reasons as cited kompasianer, Oscar, from PCWorld.

1. Integration with Google services
The largest portion owned by Google to attract people using Google+ is integration. This means that Google will build Google+ features and tools into almost all of its online services ranging from document search to Video. Google+ is integrated into almost all Google products.

It allows you to monitor all Google+ events (messages, updates, etc.) as share content with friends without leaving the Google service you are using. Millions of people use free Google services (Gmail, Docs, Search, etc..), And the attachment service with Google+ might be easy for someone to leave Facebook.

2. Management better friendships
Google is true that the concept of "circle" or Circle more in line with the way we are friends in real life. We have many types of friends, and we interact and communicate with them in different ways. Facebook Groups feature allows you to form a special group of friends, but in comparison to that done in Google+, it seems impractical. After all, Facebook Groups feature is still new (additional), while the Circle is the cornerstone of the Google+ platform.

3. Better mobile apps
If you are an Android user, you can know that getting content from your phone to your social platform is easier, cleaner, more functionality with Google+ mobile applications. The application had been steady, but I will keep looking and looking for ways to make your Android become members of the body of your Google+ social platform. Google hopes to use its Android user base as large as a piece against Facebook, which despite its mobile apps look pretty but a bit clunky to use.

4. Find it easier to share
Spark features of Google+ is another important thing that sets it apart from Facebook. Spark is where Google leveraging its search engine to do something that can not be done Facebook is giving users instant information flow relevant to share with friends. Because Facebook does not have a search engine, users must leave the site looking for data that can be shared or wait for them to share it with their friends. The question "how do I look for something to be shared" directly answered with Spark.

5. You can retrieve your data
Facebook is known less reliable handling of personal data. For example, you are forced to make certain parts of your personal data appears to the public, and it is hard to permanently delete your Facebook profile. On the other hand, Google makes it possible for you to retrieve all the data you put on Google+ and leave. This is done through Google+ devices called "Data Liberation". With just a few clicks you can download data from your Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google+ stream, Buzz and contacts.

6. Label better photos
When viewing photos in Google+ you can label the names of people in them similar to Facebook. You make a small square around their faces, and then type in their name in the box below or choose one of the names Google+ guess. But there is a big difference where Google handles the privacy aspect of the label image. When you label someone, there will be a note like this "Adding this tag will notify the person you labelkan. They can related photos and albums". On the other hand, Facebook does not make an effort to warn people that they have been labeled (probably not good in the photo) and give them an immediate opportunity to remove (remove) label.

Google has also decided to slightly embarrassed to use facial recognition software, which is now used Facebook to automatically identify people in photos uploaded to user albums.

7. Features a solid group chat
Google+ features that beat Facebook in the affairs of the chat. It's easy to create a special group vidio chat using the Google+ Hangouts feature, and create special groups for gab seems to be something natural and fun thing to do in social networks. A similar case was conducted by Huddle mobile app makes Android users start a group text chats. Facebook does not offer this device.

8. Divide contents safer
Prompts Privacy has long asked for social networking sites to allow users to determine the level of privacy of any content that is shared, rather than using a list of default settings that determine all the shared content. Google seems to hear the request, and build these capabilities into Google+. For example, if I share an article or upload a camera image, Google+ gives me choices circle of friends where I want to share the content. it is an advantage Google+.

9. Google better care of your personal data
Running a social network, all of the responsibility for taking care of users' personal information. Facebook is a fast-moving young company that has proven cavalier in its movement, is less concerned about the privacy of user data, and easily accessible to others. On the other hand, Google is a much more mature company that looks far more reliable than Facebook. The most part, Google has been operating under the slogan "Do not Be Evil". 


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