First Computer Virus, Created by a boy of 15 years

Elk Cloner declared as one of the micro-computer virus that has spread out of scope pembuatanya place.
Created in 1982 by a high school student who was 15 years old. He named Rich Skrenta.Viruses that he made, when it was intended for the Apple II computer system.

At that Skrenta no longer trusted by my garden. It was caused by the behavior that illegally distribute games and software, he often uses floppy disks to turn off the computer or to display the mocking words on the screen. Finally Skrenta also devised a method to do it without a floppy disk so that it is not suspected.
During the winter break at Mt. Lebanon High School, Pennsylvania, USA, Skrenta find how to display a message on the computer automatically. And finally he found what today is referred to as a boot sector virus, and began to spread among the friends of the school as well as in a computer club.
Obtained from sources that the virus spread quickly and successfully infect floppy disks people he knew, including math teacher. Many troublesome virus infected victims. Can imagine how troublesome because when itubelum no single antivirus. Elk Cloner virus can only be removed manually with intricate steps.
Elk Cloner spread by infecting the Apple II operating system with a boot sector virus techniques. This means that if we boot the computer using a floppy disk that had been infected with the virus will be automatically copied to memory. And if there is a clean floppy disk inserted into the computer the virus will copy itself to the floppy it.
Infected computer will display a screen when booting into the poem 50.

Here is the poem: 
Elk Cloner: The program with a personality 
It will get on all your disks 
It will infiltrate your chips 
Yes it's Cloner! 
It will stick to you like glue 
It will modify RAM too 
Send in the Cloner!

In conclusion, the Elk Cloner did not make a change just damage system on a floppy containing the Apple DOS.
Currently, Skrenta so Blekko CEO Inc., an Internet search engine


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