Moses Miracle

Remember friends with the story of the miracle of Moses splitting the Red Sea with his staff? If one of my friends who think the story is just a fable, now let us see writing that I describe below. 

An archaeologist named Ron Wyatt in late 1988 ago claimed that he had found several corpses of ancient chariot wheel towing red. According to him, maybe this is a train wreck that drowned Pharaoh combat seafaring TSB when used to pursue Moses and his followers. 
According to his testimony, in addition to finding some of the carcass wheel chariot riding, Wyatt with the crew also found some human bones and bone on the same horse. 
This finding further strengthens the case that the course sisa2 bones are part of the framework of the Pharaoh's army drowned in the Red sea. Moreover, the results of testing conducted at the University of the few remaining Stockhlom bones have been found, it is true that the structure and content of some of the bones have been aged around 3500 years ago, which according to history, the chase scene was also happening in the same period. 

axle of one of the horse-drawn carriage
In addition, there are also some interesting things have been found, the axle of one of the horse-drawn carriage that is now entirely closed by a rock, so for the moment its original form is very difficult to be seen clearly. Perhaps God's purpose to protect the items to show us all that miracles were revealed to him Nabi2 is a real thing and not a fiction story. Among some train wreck earlier, also found a wheel with 4 pieces of gold bars. Apparently, this is the rest of the carriage wheels ridden by Pharaoh king. 

Now let's look at the picture above, the parts of the map are circled (red circles), according to some experts that is where the location where Prophet Moses with his people across the Red Sea. Crossing location is estimated to be in the Gulf of Aqaba at Nuweiba. The maximum depth of the waters in the vicinity of the crossing is 800 meters on a side in the direction of Egypt and 900 meters towards the Arab side. Meanwhile in the north and south of the crossing trajectory (red line) depth reaches 1500 meters. The slope toward the sea of ​​the Gulf of Aqaba Nuweiba about 1/14 or 4 degrees, while that of the Gulf Arab Nuweiba inland about 1/10 or 6 degrees 
Estimated distance between Nuweiba to about 1800 meter.Lebar Saudi Red Sea split trajectory estimated 900 meters. Can you imagine how much force is needed to be able to divide up the sea water has a track width of 900 meters with a distance of 1800 meters at a depth waters rata2 reaching hundreds of feet for a long time, considering the followers of Prophet Moses who historically numbered in the thousands? (According to other posts is expected to reach 7 km away, by the number of followers of Prophet Moses about 600,000 people and the time taken to cross about 4 hours). 
According to one calculation, the estimated required pressure (force per unit area) of 2.8 million Newton/m2 or equal to the pressure that we receive if the dive in the sea to a depth of 280 meters.If we associate with wind speed, according to some calculations, at least the required wind with a constant speed of 30 meters / sec (108 km / h) throughout the night to be able to divide and maintain parts of the sea water for a period of 4 hours!!! truly extraordinary, God is great.


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