Divination tarot card mystery

Mysteries prediction tarot cards that are difficult to reveal, as we know, a lot of good media TV, radio, newspapers and magazines have been showing prediction using tarot cards. Many were interested, but probably not many people know what a tarot card.However, during this forecast is identical to the gypsy Tarot. If you yourself are less 
understand the ins and outs of this Tarot card divination may well be because it is more popular divination metaphysical western world. 
Up to now the origin of tarot cards is still a mystery. Many versions of the assumptions and theories about the origin of the first appearance of this Tarot card. There are some experts who stated this Tarot card appears from India and have also stated appeared in Egypt. However, historical records about it in Italy, which first appeared in Tarot cards are used as a medium of prophecy than as a card game in Italy in the 14th century and was once named Tarroci card. 
History of Tarot cards being lost much in the middle ages when the church burned many tarot card and matters related to it being perceived as the devil and as a medium cards paganism (Until now still many people who think so). 
The structure is a little different cards with playing cards (playing cards). Where playing cards consists of 54 cards while in the tarot cards consist of 78 cards. In the playing cards are divided into 4 types of cards namely: curly cards, fruit a day, diamonds and hibiscus. While in the tarot cards are divided into two types namely: Major Arcana (Arkana mayor) and the Minor Arcana (Arkana minor). Arkana covert means or symbols. Arkana major consists of 22 cards starting from the number 0, which is denoted as The Fool (the fool) and ends with the number 21 which is symbolized as The World (Earthly). 
Arkana minor divided into 4 symbol: sticks, swords, coins and cups. In the minor Arkana each lmabang started with cards numbered 1 or also called Ace (the ace) and concluding with the numbers 10 and includes 4-card royal or referred to as the Court Cards. Card kingdom (Court Cards) begins with a lady's maid card (page), then Knight (Knight), followed by the Queen (Queen) and then end with the King card (King). 
Major Arkana cards (big secret) contains a high philosophical value and symbolizes the human journey from the age of the baby (which is denoted as the fool or the fool) to reach nirvana (represented as The World or Earthly). Usually in the forecast, the emergence of major Arkana cards have a deeper meaning than the card Arkana Minor (little secret). 
Minor Arkana card has 4 different symbol means different and specific. The presence of complement Minor Arkana card details forecasting in consultation sessions. 
Under certain conditions, some also use tarot forecasting inteprestasi element in forecasting. There are four elements in the Tarot cards: the elements of water, fire, air and soil. All cards well in the class and Arkana Arkana Major Minor contains the four elements. 
In the modern world, many psychologists and psychiatrists use forecasting techniques with tarot cards to help analyze psychiatric clients. In certain conditions, the symbols in the tarot cards a lot to do with his psychoanalytic theories of Freud. For example: Major Arkana cards framed 8 is symbolized as The Strength (strength). In this card depicted a woman with the power to conquer a lion softness. It is if it appears in the forecasting, describing the inner turmoil of a client in an attempt to conquer the inner conflict between emotions, ego, and lust kebinantangan. 
There are so many uses and benefits that can be gained by wile Tarot cards as a medium. The assessment that the prophecy contains the mystical and occult forces, they returned to human as well as the fortune-teller himself.
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