8 New Car Models Toyota Appreciated Rp100 Million

The onslaught of the global automotive manufacturer launched the car at affordable prices in developing countries, whipped Toyota to participate enliven the competition.

Toyota seems well aware if developing countries into new fields for their sales. Toyota also try not to rely on the markets of America, Europe, and Japan, which became the flagship. Especially in the past year, Toyota loses title as world's largest auto manufacturer.

Japanese manufacturers have set up a special strategy to launch eight new car models at a price no more than Rp100-120 million. The move was considered quite effective to be able to reduce the rate of Volkswagen, General Motors, and Hyundai Motor Co., which now dominate the market in developing countries.

"In emerging markets, there are four or five cars of the competitors are trying to seize our market share. Especially in Southeast Asia, Volkswagen is quite aggressive, and we will not stand for the rest, said Toyota Executive Vice President Yukitoshi Funo as reported byReuters on Friday May 25, 2012.

The eight cars attempted to be produced in each country to reduce the burden of the cost.Unmitigated, Toyota set a target direct sales of one million units in 100 developing countries.

Statement Funo once answered a report from the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, citing Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) plans to make a cheap car with a price tag of around U.S. $ 6,000 (Rp57 million) for the Indian market.

"The car with the tag of U.S. $ 6,000 instead of segments and categories. Segment it is the area of ​​our subsidiary, Daihatsu Motor Co., which has expertise in making small cars with low-cost capacity," said Funo.
Toyota Etios sedan is already sold at affordable prices in India in 2010. However, the price tag of U.S. $ 10,000 (Rp95 million) is still considered expensive when compared to the car made its strongest competitor, the Tata Nano is sold for U.S. $ 2,900 (Rp27, 5 million).(Asp)

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