Mystery Terrible Game GTA San Andreas

Who does not know with this one game, Grand Theft Auto or commonly abbreviated as GTA.The gameplay is almost like a real-life story is been lifted Some series and was no doubt almost all GTA sequel is always a success. One of the most successful series of GTA is GTA San Andreas, If you are connoisseur Playstation 2 definitely you have never played it. 

Wahhh because already stands openingnya ya okay immediately wrote a SurgaBerita summarized in 19 Mystery Game GTA San Andreas, Check it out: 

1. Ghost Car 
This is a car that sangaat rarely found in GTA SA because this car can walk by myself without any driver! when it wrote mаkе anyone would want this car to open the door ga taunya fitting anyone at all but from the way the car was lhoo .. I know the exact location but lacking "Ghost Car" is on Shady's Creek area. 

2. Bіg Foot footprint іn folder 
Try it tough map in GTA SA PS you .. You feel there is nothing strange ga? because on the map it is like a picture footprints if ya do not believe just look the picture! 

And he said that given point of the arrow in the image above is the emergence of bigfoot itself. 

3. Ghost Graffiti 
It's unusual because the ga Grafitti grafitti can ngilang and emerge at night, is this inscription keliatannya gang name. The presence in the city cemetery 1. 

4. Thе Leatherface 
Figure wearing a mask and carrying a chainsaw crack in his hand, it looks like hell crazy times in GTA SA? Shady's presence in the creek, the location is haunted and dreary but we have to hide if you want nemuin the "Thе Leather Face. 

5. CJ's Mom Ghost 
This ghost of her mother in the house CJ CJ .. if you want to have to go to the CJ clay and clay alone he appeared in front of the TV. 

6. Secret Plасе 
Its location in the city of 1 deket home gym CJ, we go to the gym, and after entering, cheat jetpack, and find a dark corner of the room that side .. and waaaaw ... find a door .. then go and in it there are hotels, where horse racing, etc. .. sori ga no picture 

7. Rusty Wheels Chair 
Most bizarre is the same, this wheelchair cuman doang a rundown and unkempt in the lake clean and well maintained. Ga origins in the know there might be another mystery in this wheelchair could possibly know if we are successful in this game namatin. 

8. Screaming Voice 
If this emg ga with pictures, because it's just a mystery ... can ditemuin cries in the mount Chiliad or back'o beyond .. many who say it's just a sound mod or hoax .. but it was not .. it was a pure mystery in GTA SA. 

9. Suicidal Pedestrian 
It's seems so scary to those who have dared to do in the first search, the most mysterious in GTA .. Try it to the county flint in it next time someone entered the river after that ngilang, tau tau midnight he appears! hii scary. 

10. Ghost Vortex 
Ghost vortex is a vortex that can walk by itself. location in Bayside marina. probably because of the way that it decreases vortex decreases. 

11. Mistery in Blueberry 
It is a mysterious blue light that often appears in blueberries, red country. Its location is usually the appearance of blue light in the window of the house, under bridges, on walls cliff, and in the granary. Usually associated with the emergence of The Leatherface. 

12. UFO 
Ufo in gta san andreas mod is arguably the only, but there are some people who've seen UFO in GTA San Andreas. Usually seen in shaddy creek and Las Venturas. 

13. Bodybag 
The mystery of this one but I forgot the location where presumably located in the verdant meadows. at the end of the runway there is a hole containing a mysterious black object that a bit odd. 

14. Mysterious figure in ghost city. 
This is an additional figure in ghost city. ghost city locations in El Castillo Del Diablo, Las Venturas / desert. This figure does not attack and can be seen for a few seconds and then disappeared. at 22:00. Sori ga no SS 

15. Easter eggs 
contained in the red bridge in San Fierro. This is a patch of paper and it says "There are no easter eggs up here. Go away ' 

16. Strange call 
If you complete all the missions / graduated and do not have a boyfriend, you will get a mysterious phone call at 3:33 where you are. 

17. Blue Hell 
Blue hell is the way to go to area 69. area 69 is the area used for the mission. so for example we are not in the mission, we would not have managed to get into this area. there are 2 way to get here is 

1. Go to the gym los santos, jet pack cheat (L1 L2 R1 R2 UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT2X), went to the corner of the room, flying. there will be a dark area. mark to the area 51. and flew to the area 51. after arriving in the area 51 will be underground box, just below the box down on and get to the area 51. 
2. To the building in San Fierro, and went to the roof and then fly using a jetpack to area 51. 

18. Strange telephone number 
This is a confidential telephone number. this number is on the save house Madd dogs mansion. number is 333-747123 (do Calling loh) 

19. Cluckin bell in fort carson 
Cluckin bell at fort carson's a bit strange because the Cluckin bell here only one that closes at 12:00. 



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