Tempe Becoming The Most Expensive Food in Germany!

Tempe in Germany
If tempeh is the cheapest food in Indonesia, tempeh is a food expensive food is in Germany.
In Germany to get some authentic food from Asia is indeed very difficult to Namuan at the Wedding, which is one of the local immigrant enclave dominated nations in Asia. Sell ​​some food from asia.

Terdapa a store in this city of Vinh Loi in Seestrasse which sells a variety of foods from Asia, TKO-run Vietnamese people are very busy in the daily visit of Asians living in Jerma typical country in search of food their sal.

One of the authentic Indonesian food tempeh are also sold at this store, but the price to get 1 piece of tempeh very expensive unlike in Indonesia know if 1 piece of tempeh can be purchased at a price of USD 2000 only, the German price tempeh brick size 400gr priced 1.79 Euros or equivalent to Rp 28,319. Soybean prices in Germany are almost the same as a kilo of chicken thighs are priced 1.99 euros.

Price tempe expensive in Germany as tempeh termaksut food imports, but tempeh is sold in Germany is not a tempeh from Indonesia, tempeh tempeh sold in Germany is made ​​in Germany there is a company called Natural tempeh makers Vegetarian Food bv
Apparently tempe abroad have a very expensive one yes.



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