What is JavaScript?

Judging from its name that uses the word "Java" which is interpreted into the Indonesian language is Java, a lot of people who think if the script is derived from the Javanese. The prejudice is so far away when we study this script. Not a word was derived from the Javanese script. 

In the blogosphere, JavaScript is very well known with a script that can make us fat blogs and blog can create a heavy loading. Many are already familiar with JavaScript, but many also do not know what it is JavaScript. Therefore, let us peel completely. 

According to Wikipedia, JavaScript is a popular scripting language on the internet and can work in most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Opera. JavaScript code can be inserted into a web page using the SCRIPT tag. 

The first time designing JavaScript is a company called Netscape Navigator browser to complete his feature-Navigator-which previously had supported Java can be used to further the non-Java programmers. 

JavaScript is usually placed on the section between <head> tag and </ head> tag and starts with <script type="teks/javascript"> ends with the tag </ script> 

Example JavaScript 

<script type="teks/javascript"> 
alert ("Hello World!"); 
</ Script> 

JavaScript files are usually located in a separate file that berektensi *. Js and summoned a way to determine the name of the file and put the tag <script type="teks/javascript" src="nama_file.js"> </ script> So is developing a programming language named LiveScript to accommodate it. Programming languages ??that eventually developed and named JavaScript, although there was no association between the Java language to JavaScript.

CSS itself is a web script that recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C in 1996. After the standardization of CSS, many browsers already support this script. 

The basic structure of CSS 

selector { 
property: value; 

Part before the {} is called selector 
Section, between {} is called declaration that consists of two elements, the properties and values. 

CSS Example 

body { 
background-color: # d0e4fe; 

Facts Using CSS 
• It is supported by the latest version of the browser 
• Images can be displayed after the main content listed first 
• Reduce the size of the file being able to keep the HTML tags in the minimal use 
• The layout will change because each browser is different CSS translation 
• CSS is layouting "The Future" by merging with XHTML


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