How to Read Through HP Ebook

Ebook is an electronic book format that usually PDF. Electronic-based book is difficult to read at any time. Maybe we should print it first or ngeprint to read Ebook where and anytime. But they will be quite a hassle and cost of paper and ink. Well, if you have a cell phone based on java, what's the harm to be used as a tool or device to read ebooks. Curious khan? Okeh deh directly to the discussion of how to read ebook via hp. 

Step-by-step ebook reading through hp 

1. Download Ebook of the internet to be used as the material. It is up to the title, if I use the free Ebook mbah obtained from Google. 
2. Ebook already prepared. Now download MJ Book Maker Software. Software is free but a scar, Just 700 kb in size. Quite small, simple and not complicated. 
3. While waiting for MJ Book Maker finished downloading, change pdf files into text format with software Pdf2text. It could also be the way in acrobat reader Save As dialog box and then save as change the Save as type to Plain Text (*. Txt). Ebook format had to be converted into text by MJ Book Maker can only change the format *. Txt to *. Jar (format for Java Application) 
4. If MJ Book Maker is finished downloading, open the application. No need for this application based nginstal Portable. This picture 

• Book name (midlet name): fill with ebook titles. 
• Information about books, authors etc.: Fill in the information about the ebook. For example, publishers, authors, etc.. 
• Source text file: looking for ebook files that you change to text format by clicking the icon "..." 
• Max size of text part (in bytes): Write the numbers are large or above 100 thousand to create ebook apps into one. Write the numbers small or below 100 thousand to create applications Ebook into pieces 
• Font: select the font that you like by clicking the "..." 
• Font color: select a font color for applications Ebook 
• Back color: choose the background color for FREE Ebook 
• Line spacing: line spacing 
• Char spacing: spacing between letters 
• Word wrap: put a tick in the box next to it 
• On the right screen, adjust the screen size of your mobile phone. 
5. Once the above is completed then click on the START button and wait for a moment and then click the Show button to see the results of the application Midlet Ebook 
6. Enter the file format *. Jar into your phone 
How the above is not so perfect, therefore if there is a lack in understanding common question via comments. Congratulations Creating Applications Ebook 


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