Top 25 Computer Keyboard Cool World wide

The development of computer technology is now increasingly perceived growing with leaps and bounds. And along with that, some devices pendukunganya who had progressed so significantly.

Here ane willing to take agan agan all to see 25 the most Cool Computer Keyboard for PC users really. Some of them questioned developed by the manufacturer for users who want a taste of a computing experience much more comfortable and productive. The rest is a keyboard that is made ​​for the purpose to make it look more Cool within computer use.

1. Virtual Laser Keyboard:

The virtual keyboard is really just an emitter laser light that creates a pattern in the form of a keyboard, and then detect the movement of our fingers to determine what type Agan.

2. TechieTrends Wireless Flexible Keyboard:

Flexible Keyboard cordless TechieTrends production that can be rolled up and easily carried wherever agan will travel.

3. Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple wireless keyboard is a keyboard that sleek and super thin and made ​​of aluminum, with the nature of responsiveness, low-profile and Bluetooth connectivity that allows Agan to use the keyboard from across the room.

4. Optimus Maximus Keyboard

The Optimus keyboard is a high-end feature that is small, with full-color OLED display on each button is programmed with interchangeable labels, and custom images.

5. Das Keyboard

Keyboard is basically a standard keyboard, but there is one very important difference that, that all the buttons are not printed any letters or symbols alias empty.

6. Wrist-Mounted Keyboard

Keyboard is a keyboard attached to your wrist with the help of a rope Agan Agan buffer that will be able to type a text message dng only one hand.

7. Combimouse

It was made ​​into a keyboard with a mouse. Keybpard is divided into two parts, namely, the left for the stationery, and the right side can be left with the same type and if moved will function as a mouse.

8. Comfort Keyboard:

Comfort Keyboard is a series of keyboard that can be adjusted in accordance with ergonomic angles and contours of your wrist so that the hand-Agan will be free from fatigue conditions.

9. Apple Adjustable Keyboard

This keyboard is a precursor of Comfort Keyboard, which was released in the early 90's. The feature is easy to set up, with an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue.

10. Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard

The keyboard with sleek features and modern design that is entirely lit by blue backlight behind tombolnya.kunci.

11. Frogpad Keyboard

The Frog Pad is a small wireless keyboard that can be used with one hand, so it can agan pelu not bother anymore with the other hand to take the mouse while typing.

12. SafeType Keyboard

SafeType keyboard designed for more comfortable and ergonomic than a standard keyboard.

13. Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard

The keyboard is designed to naturally fit the shape of the hand and fingers varied length to prevent fatigue.

14. The TypeMatrix Keyboard

keyboard with standard keys and arranged in a modular fashion to optimize the process of typing.

15. AlphaGrips Keyboard

The AlphaGrip is keyboad model video game controller with a few buttons that can allow you to type more than 50 words per minute.

16. The Self Heating Warm Keyboard

As its name suggests this keyboard features hot pick during agan typing / so the warmers feature a built-in keyboard pda plug is hand Agan Agan feel warm during typing.

17. Thankos Silent Keyboard

The Thanko Silent Keyboard is a standard keyboard with keys that really silent when Agan.

18. Stowaway Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

It is a compact Bluetooth portable keyboard that can Agan connect to devices such as a PDA or Blackberry.

19. Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

This keyboard has fully buttons bright colors and allows Agan to program the frequency of certain colors.

20. Twiddler2 Keyboard

Keyboard is intended for use with one hand. Repot keyboard nih, gan.

21. Keyboard Organizer MyKeyo

The MyKeyo is keybard with full function with the flip at the top for the internal storage space for storing small personal items.

22. Glider Mouse Keyboard

Glider Mouse Keyboard is a secondary panel attached to each keyboard and features an input system that is similar to the trackpad on a laptop. The only thing that is different from other keuboard bubble style model "glider mouse" which is used to control the input on the trackpad.

23. DX1 Customizable Keyboard

This keyboard allows Agan to set the buttons to taste at the time agan bored with the standard keyboard layout.

24. Steampunk-style Keyboard

It is leyboard steampunk style with ergonomics that which is made ​​from brass. And come equipped with a built-in trackpad.
25. Super Tiny Keyboard
The keyboard of this magnitude is about 25% larger than the iPhone and can fit in your pocket. This model also comes fully lit buttons.