Introducing WINDOWS 8

Microsoft introduced Windows 8 Preview to public

Microsoft   began introducing its latest operating system Windows 7 successor.  

CALIFORNIA _ Chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, in an interview expressed his admiration for Windows 8, which is an important product for the future of the software giant. The founder of Microsoft was assessing the entire ecosystem of Windows 8 was amazing. 
According to him, the ecosystem of Windows 8, users finally get a good mix of an operating system with touch capabilities. 

"People will be amazed at the energy of the placed behind Microsoft's new products. This is great momentum for us," said Gates, as quoted from Softpedia, Tuesday (10/23/2012). 
"This is a huge milestone for all of the products in terms of connecting cloud services. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and the latest version of Office comes, all will have a safe, personalized, and beautiful things," he continued. 
Microsoft is calling the next generation of Windows, with the internal code-named "Windows 8,". Windows 8 is a "reimagining of Windows from the chip to the interface". A Windows 8-based PC is really a new type of computing device with a touch screen feature that comes with the ability to adjust the scale on the small screen in the form of tiles (tile base screen). 

Although the new user interface is designed and optimized for touch screen (touch screen), which can be accessed with or without a keyboard and mouse .. The user interface and new apps will work on a variety of screen sizes and pixel densities, from a small board for laptop, desktop, all-in-one, and even classroom-sized displays. This new approach provides more options to the users to use whatever kind of device you want, with the diiginkan peripherals, to run applications on your computer. It is certainly inspire a new generation of hardware and software development, as well as improving the experience for PC users around the world.

Windows 8 that has appeared almost universally, until his ads have been interesting to look at. Operating System Windows 8? for now I myself have used the Operating System
Here I will share about the delivery of ads that often appear on TV, been a few days, the ad appears, not bored-tuh Advertising bosennya clay, so the ads are ads on Promotion of Windows 8, this ad makes me want to sing too, with lyrics the appropriate theme of the ad itself. every ad that appears I was wondering who sings the song in the ad windows 8 it? soundtrack in the ad turns Windows 8 & Lenka: Everything at Once.

Windows 8 release in late October that yesterday (26/10) has been the talk for a week later. Latest operating system offers exciting features to the user experience that is different from before. Recently, Windows 8 is indirectly also popularized another song titled Lenka Everything At Once. This song is a song that was released in 2011 and became Lenka themesong of advertising Windows 8 in 2012.
Lenka is a singer born in Australia 34 years ago. Although 34 years old, and disposition Lenka face still looks cute and young. He was popular thanks to his song called The Show in 2008. The Show is often used as a track for a variety of advertising and become one of the OST titled Hollywood movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt as the main star.

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