Viganella Desa Got the Sun Himself

In Italy, there is a village that attracts tourists because of its uniqueness. Just imagine, the villages in the valley has its own sun. Remarkably 
Viganella is a village located in the valley that is in Piedmont, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy. Most of the year, this village was never illuminated by the sun, like other regions of the world.By the time winter comes, people can feel the cold Viganella incredible.
  Bright idea comes from the head Giacomo Bonzani, an architect who tries to make the sun Viganella. Initially, many people who membatah idea of the architect as it is considered impossible. However, Giacomo has memuktikannya to embody all that is in the head.Http:// 

"But I am sure. I believe in physics," gibbon Bonzani cited by detikTravel from Oddity Central, Monday (07/16/2012).

Here comes a giant glass reflects the light 
Bonzani make a giant mirror that can reflect sunlight to the villages in the valley. Giant mirror was later dubbed by the public as an artificial sun Viganella. Http:// companions mirror, controlled by computer software in order to track down the source of the sun and can reflect it automatically to the village. Not only the people Viganella that could feel the effects of the sun, but also the tourists who are curious on this creative idea. 

Illustration of the existence of the village and the light reflection 
Besides functioning illuminate the village, apparently artificial sun have become tourist destinations. Visitors who come not only from Italy, but also from abroad. This valley has a very beautiful scenery complete with the weather was cool. Viganella Society is also very friendly with the visitors.


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