How to Overcome and Prevent Lost Blogger

"Sory, the blog has been removed at This address is not available for new blogs." 

Was really making a heart attack if we open our blog and that appears is the message. Plus when we log in and view the dashboard we empty the content, blogs that we make it all disappear. In this case I suspect that some diangal tersangaka google as malware, jadai hati2 if fellow bloggers working with some ads / suspects below: 

- Main Suspect: (one program raises earnings popup) 
- Suspect two: (one program banner CPM) 
- Third Suspect: (same as pay-ads) 

Perhaps of the three suspects who I suspected it was an innocent, I still do not know that for sure which of the three who was really guilty, but based on my experience I installed a few programs in my blog. So for the fellow-bloggers who participated atopun will participate in the program please be careful, rather than open it earned $ dollars but instead lose all blogs owned. 

Then what would we do if we experience these events, if my experience aba beberepa things you can do are: 

1. Contact blogger through the "contact us bloggers" on this 

2. Go to "Blogger Help Group", expressed permasalahanmu there because there are a lot of bloggers who have the same case, and there is also an employee bloggers can overcome our problems. 

Oh yes there are a few tips that I did not experience or at least reduce the risk of a more severe than this sort of thing: 

1. If you make a lot of blogs in one account should not because in a case like this, not just a blog that contains malware that will diremove blogger wrote but all the blogs that exist Dalma one account. 
2. Careful in selecting advertisements earnings, rather than open it earned dollars but instead lost blog. 

3. If you want to get dollars from paid ads then find one who has paid and not a scam. 

4. The most important thing if you want something instant the liability risks exist because of something that instant there must be something harmful. 


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