[AMAZING] Rainbow Bridge in Taiwan

Xiying Rainbow Bridge in Taiwan

ATN - sometimes many on this Earth that can surprise us by its appeal-and makes us terperangak by a building structure. And, the most interesting is when a human creature capable of collaborating with the beauty of nature. One recent example is the rainbow bridge.

The bridge is named The Rainbow Brigde Xiying a special bridge for pedestrians who are in Magong, Pengchu County in Taiwan. The bridge shaped lines are neon lights that reflect rainbow colors to the surface of the water at night.


Now you can hold the rainbow. Hahaha just kidding. You can just walk on it. Rainbow Bridge is standing strong and beautiful. Passersby could see the reflection staring at the rainbow bridge, which creates a feeling of calm and dazzling. Really beautiful and illuminating, this is the perfect place for an evening adventure and family / friends, travel time or maybe just some time to calm yourself.


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