How to Fix Blue Screen Windows 7

"Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)" is due to critical errorsin the Windows Operating System that causes all running applications had to be stopped. On this occasion I will share the experience of a few tips how to fix computer that has the bluescreen
Sometimes for us beginners, or those new to the world of computers was very upset and a little scared sih.Nah here I will share the experience of facing the problem on windows where suddenly turn into blue screen which is called by the people who are involved in the world of IT ( bluescreen).
First of all if my friend all face problems as I mentioned earlier the first attitude is someone we do not panic, especially if the friend all see a screen that says dumping memory, do not panic (heheheh meaning slow) do not splashy trus says faulty RAM memory Windows 7 product or ugly.
Actually the steps are simple, first restart your computer and wait for the computer to reboot. Well koq blue screen again, oops do not immediately get angry, well, try turning off your computer, Press the Power button on the computer, and hold it until the computer was really off. Then restart the computer, press F8 while booting and wait and then you will log on windows boot option, well here select boot with safe mode, wait until the windows boot with safe mode. Well now you are logged into the operating system safe mode.Langkah s tart then click Windows select Control Panel >> System & Security >> ​​Center >> recovery >> action open System restore >> next >> next >> finish >> yes. Wait and let windows auto restart, after that windows will boot again, well now windowsnya was able to boot normally again and no blue screen again or dumping memory.
Well if the above way can not solve the problem in another way, namely cobara.
Repair Windows Operating System
Bluescreen sometimes occurs because there are some Windows files are corrupted, to solve the easiest way is to do a Repair on the Windows operating system, using your Windows DVD Operating Sytem.
And if the above way also can not solve the problem of the blue before, now try the other way, namely,
Checking the Hardware Device.
The first check your hard disk it is, sometimes the bad condition of the hard disk, or poorly, can lead to Blue Screen, if the hard disk is okay, and you do not find significant damage a good idea to check your RAM memory, make sure that Your RAM is installed properly, or if it is needed check your RAM by running the program "Windows Memory Diagnostic"

Good luck, well,,, may be useful.


  1. Ye BSOD is really bad. I have tried windows repair is very good. I have tried it. It fixes many windows errors.