Predictions Jucelino Nobrega da Luz

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is Brazilian, born in 1960, the profession is now a schoolteacher, and his wife and two children live a simple life, he was a very ordinary city dwellers.
Jucelino Nobrega da Luz
Events that he predicted with a date, month, year cataclysmic events and comes with clear instructions, in addition to be in the future if there is a third party who doubt the validity of his predictions, forecasts Jucelino always publish the dates and events of the incident, asking for approval notary bureau state or postal service, making it easier for others to conduct examination.

Predictions Jucelino successive proven

When he meets people or meaning in dreams include personal affairs, he was just telling is concerned, but if the question is a head of state or a famous and powerful figures in the community, in addition to be a large effect on the community, it will also tell the press and the mass media in the country. Differences Jucelino the other is an expert forecaster, feelings encountered in the dream will be delivered in full and without selected, directly to those concerned. In addition, as noted above, he also tells concerned about the documentation regarding his predictions on the government notary bureau, or obtain proof of delivery from the postal service, sometimes he sent a letter, enclosing the receipt of a letter or send a short message to those concerned. Therefore he needs everyday considerable cost for the purposes of correspondence premonition dreams. These costs must come from low income of a teacher who conducted their daily lives with frugality.
Someone asked him at what age he began to dream premonition dream, he answers since the age of nine years, beginning in 1969, the day he sometimes dreamed of 3 things, nor ever dreamed of nine terms, each day the number is not the same that he had dreamed of. He said he met premonition dreams always appear naturally in a dream situation, is not he himself who memilihkannya. Jucelino when his 19-year-old, met famous saints forecasters in Brazil, Franciscoshabiz, then large-scale disasters and world events gradually increase in the foreboding dream. Franciscoshabiz was twice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize winner, he is a renowned expert supernatural, was also a philanthropist. Because of this causal relationship, the events predicted Jucelino already exceeded 80,000 cases, let us consider of premonition dreams weird things at bersif selection of international and large-scale disasters that have occurred, so that together we flashback to the events below:
The incident killed Princess Diana
Dated March 4, 1997, warning letter sent via post to Lady Diana, "I received information from God, there are malicious plans scenarios for your car accident, you may also experience mental harm, seven angels said so to me. Chances are you will die in a car crash this time, but experts could probably think of it as human error and take care when driving as the scene of the accident, but they are completely wrong. The killer is near you? .. This murder likely occurred prior to the year 2000. "
Jucelino also send a warning letter by post to the three major UK print media the Times, Daily Telegraph and the Guardian, but to this day has never reported. The incident occurred after a car accident five months since deliveries warning letter which is dated August 31, 1997, just as the description of the prediction that in the end settled with reckless as human error in driving.
In the forecast noted that the event could happen before 2000, though there is no date, month and year for sure, but the two years prior to the forecast, in a letter sent to the president of Brazil Jucelino when it was Fernando Henrique Cardoso Silva, mentioned (this letter notary stamp bureau) that, "In 1997 and 1998 Lady Diana get killed?."
Two attacks on the WTC, the second is the 911 terror events
In 1989, a warning letter is sent to the president of the American and British embassies, the letter dated October 26, 1989 by post and registered at the notary office in the city Klicheeba Palana.
In the letter also predicted that the year 1993 for the first time the WTC would be attacked, though not dinujum date of the attack, but the attack a second time with a very clearly stated on September 11, 2001. Regarding the results of the warning letter, you already know. The first WTC attack occurred three and a half years after the date a warning letter received February 26, 1993, a case that raises the parking lot blasting the dead and wounded, while the second attack occurred in the 12 years after the 11 September 2001, "Case 911 attacks carried out simultaneously by many terrorist "tela h shattering.
That makes people shocked and surprised is in the warning letter / ramalann yes it also noted: after the second attack on the WTC, Afghanistan and Iraq wars erupted after Iraq defeated, Saddam Hussein fled and hid in the central Iraqi town of Ad Dawr and so forth, are also predicted in detail, the events that the reader already knows all, in a letter prophecy foretold events that one has occurred.
Warning letter was also sent by post to the father of current president George Bush, when it was the old Bush, warning letters per 1989 forecast was written nine years later on October 28, 1998 and sent back to President Clinton, in a letter delivered: "very worrying Jucelino disaster that had been seen in the dream, it is the terrorists launched an attack on the island of Manhattan, tall buildings surrounded by a giant fire coming from the sky. Maybe someone thought this was a joke and did not take it seriously, but absolutely not a joke, so I sent a letter to the American mainstream media, hoping they could publish my forecasts warning letter. "
As explained above, a major event like that could have an impact on society, Jucelino usually publish before the incident, he was walkin k only contact is concerned, even the contents of the same, he sent simultaneously to the mass media and so on. However, until now, almost no corporate media will accept his request to broadcast to the public. Similarly Miami Herald news agency that received warning letters was exactly the reply brief letter to Jucelino with the contents:
"In the letter you sent to us as at October 26, 1989, predicted that the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 will experience a terrorist attack, against this prediction of our news agency appreciation. In addition, you are also in the letter predicted Americans could happen 2 times of war, was finally able to fight against Iraq, Saddam also fled, and on he ran and hid in Ad Dawr, central Iraq and other news other details have a detailed forecast. Too bad we could not publish news content as it is, because we fear could cause panic among the people? "
Regarding Saddam's hideout, after the incident occurred on 13 September 2001, the post submitted to U.S. President George Bush told in great detail about "Saddam's hideout, on the outside there is a poster of Noah's ark, on the banks of the Tigris river, there is a hole , on it was covered with wooden boards and carpet imitation, access dikamuflasekan with bricks, dirt and garbage. "
Then, after reading the news knows that the forecast Jucelino really very precise, predictions in reality makes people very surprised it's still ongoing. After the capture of Saddam on the press coverage we know that after being found guilty and sentenced to death and executed on December 30, 2006. After that bitter conflicts between Sunni and Shia groups in Iraq, could at any time lead to a situation of civil war, every morning and evening many deaths of innocent civilians have fallen.
But like Saddam's death sentence and post-Saddam Iraq is filled turmoil in the country, with a forecast berkaita n this Jucelino, dated May 29, 2006 and was sent three times to Pass FM Radio Indonesia in Jakarta, the contents of all matching, as follows:
"According to an Iraqi court, Saddam in a guilty verdict, and possibly executed on December 30, 2006. The entire Iraq conflict will occur, and it will be a lot of casualties. "Moreover, it is often pointed to the right hunch Jucelino dream, let him in the dream to see figures of misfortune and disaster the world, from here can know that he is not "ordinary people", he definitely has a future power binoculars and an amazing ability to predict.
Massive earthquake in Sumatra sea
Earliest warning letter sent is 8 years before the tsunami in Aceh in 2004, precisely on September 16, 1996, sent by post to the Indian ambassador in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. In the letter predicted that on December 26, 2004 early morning in the province of Aceh, Indonesia would be an earthquake 8.9 on the Richter scale, Indonesia and India hit by a tsunami as high as 10 meters. Warning letter to the president of Indonesia Soeharto delivered as at 30 April 1997, the letter said: "I was in a dream look dated December 26, 2004 early morning at 7, South Asia will be rocked by a 9.8 magnitude earthquake, at the same time can also occur tsunami as high as 10 meters, starting from the distribution area of ​​Aceh province, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldivas, Bangladesh and so even reach up to Mauritius. And there will be 100,000 people taken away? "
As a result, according earthquake prediction in the warning letter, occurred in the morning at 7:58 on December 26, 2004, the number killed exceeds 200. 000 people, the highest tsunami waves up to 30 meters away, there are plenty of people missing in the tsunami that hit the coast. The embassy such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and others, have also received the same letter, official letters tert terlampiri ebut everything related postal stamp.Additionally Jucelino also received a letter of thanks from the various embassies or official presidential secretariat country.
Letter of thanks from the president's office contains the following complaint: "Regarding the earthquake and tsunami to happen if in 2004, in order to avoid this terrible disaster, there are many things we had to do, but we also feel helpless." In addition to , the simple reply letter from the embassy of Indonesia: "?. ak's we deliver your letter to our country, if there was another story that was about to be forwarded, do not hesitate to deliver. '
From there it can be known, 8 years before the disaster, Jucelino already predict there will be a super-huge earthquake and massive tsunami hit South Asia that killed more than 100,000 people, of the warning letter with detail we can see that Jucelino also partially send an official letter of notification with details about the year, month, date and time of the incident, to the countries that will be affected, but in reality there is no effective preventive measures anything done.
Forecasters Nobrega da Luz sniper Jucelino are Brazil, the two previous editions has expounded the accuracy of predictions. This week we will present a forecast of the future.
Year 2008
  • Antidote for AIDS and Dengue found.
  • July 18th will be a big earthquake in the Philippines, there will be thousands of deaths.
  • Empire State Building, New York, in September will experience terror events.
  • On the 13th of September will be a big earthquake 9.1 on the Richter scale in China, the earthquake in Nanning and Hainan Island, it's going to happen concurrently large tsunami as high as 30 feet, causing millions of deaths. The tsunami swept Japan's very likely anyway.
Year 2009
  • January 25th will be a big earthquake 8.9 on the Richter scale air attack Osaka and Kobe, Japan, feared the death toll reached several tens of thousands of people.
  • November in Japan large earthquake happens again, there will be thousands of people dead.
  • Brazilian government due to the economic crisis and unable to issue insurance funds and pensions, so that the people in the capital and the prison revolt.
  • August 24, Istanbul, Turkey, will be a big earthquake 8.9 on the Richter scale, many roads were cracked and broken.
  • On December 16, in the eastern region of Sumatra, Indonesia, there would be 7.8 on the Richter scale earthquake, thousands of people were killed.
Year 2010
  • The temperature of some African countries are likely to increase to 58? Celsius, the same happened a severe shortage of clean water.
  • June 15 at the New York stock market would collapse, the world economy will enter a crisis situation
  • Temperatures in Africa could reach 58? Celsius, the numbers at the beginning of hearing as if it's hard to believe, but in reality at the beginning of May 2007, according to the info the travelers who go around the African region, the temperature in Greece and Turkey had reached 39? to 40? Celsius, while the main capital of Iraq and the Arabian peninsula enduring constant high temperature at temperature 45? ? 46? Celsius, the highest temperature in summer is possible to occur. Temperature early May alone was so high, you can imagine in 2010 the future global warming will get worse, temperatures in many African countries it is possible to print out a record that is difficult to imagine.
Year 2011
  • Research methods of healing cancer managed with success, but other new diseases will emerge.
  • Outbreaks of the deadly poison would appear, called ALS (red.: literal translation, not necessarily accurate) that causes loss of immunity, if the disease is within 4 hours of going to die.
  • Avian influenza type H5NI officially began attacking the man, until the year 2013 there were approximately 73 million people have died due to this virus.
Characteristic Jucelino forecast not only predict the occurrence of infectious diseases and earthquakes, even a disease that has not yet occurred and the name of gempapun could foresee, for example, the title of the book by Al Gore, former U.S. vice-president, titled An Inconvenient Truth, a tornado swept the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro-ri buan cause deaths, ALS designation for emerging infectious diseases in 2011, a major earthquake of San Francisco, USA, in 2006 called The Big One and other typical examples.
Year 2012
  • Because of the expansion area field fires during the drought, gurunisasi begins, between the years 2015 - 2020 would have disappeared Amazon jungle.
  • Starting December 6th the sky turns into a black cloud, known as dense fog due to the weather.
  • Because of the spread of infectious diseases of humanity became extinct.
Year 2013
  • Research on method of healing diseases besides cancer brain tumor declared successful.
  • Bahamian islands of the Indian archipelago west (cluster near the Caribbean islands), between November 1 to 25 due to the volcano erupted's an earthquake, then a tsunami will also be setting-gi super giant 150 meter high tsunami waves some 80 meter will sweep the Caribbean sea, the mainland U.S., Brazil and others will also hit deep into the mainland to 15 - 20 km. Before the tsunami, the sea water will recede as deep as 6 feet tall, a large number of turtles also will begin to move.
Predicted by Jucelino in dogs and cats know when there will be a major disaster strikes, they would run away from their homes, 24 hours prior to leaving the site they will show signs of unusual movement, so that we can accordingly make it a standard observation .
Year 2014
Little planet earth is slowly approaching and there is the possibility of colliding with the Earth, the existence of this small planet affects issues arise concerning the sinking of mankind on earth.
Year 2015
Mid-November the world's average temperature likely to reach 59? Celsius, there are a lot of people die from the heat, thus the confusion of the world getting worse.
Year 2016
  • Mid-April typhoon attacks, there was capital cities in China were damaged, some 1,000 people were killed.
  • U.S. President George W. now Bush going into hospital emergency room, his soul at death's door.
In 2018
On the issue of small planet to earth approach, the leaders of the world's governments gather mitigation meeting. Juce-lino in 2000 had to predict, but it also tells the little planet's existence to NASA, on June 31, 2002 NASA officials are calling a small minor planet "2002NZT7".
In 2019
  • Most likely solution would be to use the power of the results of scientific research, but if the earth collided with him, then it could result in 1/3 of the world population disappeared. Jucelino extrapolate small planet collided with the Earth by 60%.
  • Sea area east Japan earthquake will happen super large still more powerful than the earthquake that happened in the oceans of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Year 2025
  • Climatology experts rediscover small planet, it is very likely asking questions brakan back to earth, the possibility of colliding at 80%.
In 2026
  • Super big earthquake in San Francisco in June, referred to as "The Big One", the San Andreas Fault faults can be damaged, the state of California could be destroyed, many volcanic crater would be open again, the height of the tsunami can exceed 150 meters.
Of forecast warning for the future, in addition to forecasts such as the above, there is still more shocking predictions, forecasts delivered Jucelino could last until the year 2043 is
Year 2043
Drastically reduced world population, approximately 80% of the population died in the disaster.
World Olympics held in Beijing is going to run smoothly?
As told before, the year 2008 will be a big earthquake 9.1 on the Richter scale causing millions of deaths in China, according to the forecast Jucelino, the date the earthquake is 13 September, while the date of the Games is August 8 to 24, judging from the schedule, after the Olympics after an earthquake recently. But the worry is that before the big quake, minor earthquakes will happen again and again (in May 98 was also quite devastating earthquake in China), which is also going to make the country and the people entered the era of uneasy.
Although Jucelino not clearly ascertain exactly when it happened, but if he-sumsikan with 1 to 2 months, it is very likely to occur during the Games, if so could make the trust the organizers and participants athlete becomes shaky. When the author read a prophecy Jucelino, recalled a moment in the mind of the message Mr. John Titoer (literal translation, yet accurately) that "the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 was the last.
However, the corresponding forecast epicenter event in Nanning and around the island of Hai-nan, terujung island in China, while the second round is not the place for such purpose built arena, the Olympic world would be closed successfully. But the problem lies the government is CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is only concerned with face guard, with only prioritize Olympic success then ignore the initial quake more frequent, possibly faithful to her anticipation against All too high. The government will probably adjust the PKC-kon would limit coverage, blocking news of the earthquake earlier predicted the press at home and abroad, such actions would make absolute disaster as predicted worse. In the warning letter Jucelino said: "If not done a good protection against civil society, can bring very severe losses."
Predictions Jucelino also mentions the arrival of the ice age
He also predicted correctly about the weather anomaly, one of which, in 2003, occurred the hot temperatures in Europe, in a warning letter dated October 29, 2001 Jucelino predicted: "Nature will strike back the earth, the temperature rise in France, Germany and Portugal caused tens of thousands of death toll, this disaster could happen in 2003 and 2004. "In reality, summer temperatures in Europe in 2003 reached its peak, there were about 35 thousand people die from the heat. Of them in France and Germany the most powerful, the death toll in France as many as 14,000 people, about 7,000 people in Germany.
Jucelino listened to the forecast, global warming more and more to rise, until in 2012 the temperature in the African country could probably reach 58? Celsius is troubling people, at the same time can also be a severe shortage of water, after which the temperature sema-kin will also rise, by 2015 the Earth's average temperature could reach 59? Celsius, many people will die from heat exhaustion, fear of the human race will be menggl-bales. If really happens like that, of course, can result in drought and food shortages and cause tension between states, Ju-celino also predicted in 2011 could be a shortage of water and then generate a new outbreak of the war, about this war he did not predict in detail, but felt that instead of a simple border war.
Anyway warming phenomenon is happening now is not as weather experts considered that the "very slow heating rate", but jumped dramatically. However, warming as though also absolutely no continues, after global warming has been waiting turned into extreme cold symptoms. Provided that the earth's temperature rising so dramatically, the island of Greenland and the South Pole will be ice in large enough quantities that melts, it is absolutely unavoidable, large ocean circulation eventually becomes so weak that turned into a cooling effect, glide as fast as lightning, that his will nandakan there was a birth of a new ice age. In Jucelino forecast seems also proved that in the year 2027 after a state of global cooling, they will again face a new ice age. Fill the detail forecast:
"Yellow Stone Park volcano began erupting in America, because the flame is so large that kibatkan Why does lava and smoke will spread in all directions as far as 1,600 km, such as Kansas, Nebraska and Montana, etc., will experience a major disaster, after This volcano could erupt born again a new ice age. The eruption of the volcano is not only in Yellow Stone Park, in all places in the world could also occur, due to bursts of smoke covered the sun, even more circulation of ocean currents that have stimulated the formation of stalled global cooling phenomenon.
Al Gore gained nobel peace prize
As you already know, the former U.S. vice-president Al Gore tried to research that problem by global warming, which is famous essay "An inconvenience Truth" has been created for the film, even also has the prize Oscar, so many people welcome global warming issues bitterly Al Gore is transferred to the silver screen. Indeed, in 19 years ago, ie in 1988, Jucelino already meramalnya, the news was published in the magazine Moon 6th edition, published before the end of May, the chief editor told the author during the research, I was shocked to stunned for a moment.
According to the forecast for Al Gore who was then serving members of Congress sent a post in 1988 by Jucelino already diinfokan to Al Gore, from the year 1993 to 2001 he was vice-president would be served the Clinton administration, will later try to persevere toward activities that protect the environment on earth, but it also will be celebrated with essay book titled "An inconvenience Truth", in a letter written in English, it is also called the right Jucelino title. Also in the prediction letter also notified the activities of Al Gore is going to be recognized and managed to get the Nobel peace prize in 2007. Jucelino prediction capabilities we can not deny.
Time yan g given to mankind is not much left, starting in December 2007, a dark cloud will spread all over the world
Divination Jucelino, suppose humanity we still maintain a state like this, the human race of the year 2008 - 2012 will undergo a full day of fear, the early signs before the disaster, the sky all over the world will be covered with "black clouds". Always felt a huge disaster after disaster be met by the world in the future, including the movement of the weather and the outbreak of war, disaster attempted to 0, if they happen, also when changing the scope to be small, the end of 2007 is the ultimate limit mankind began mendusin . Jucelino longed for the end of 2007 in the world's going to happen "change of consciousness" which is great.
The severity of the situation was so urgent, but if we humans still retain obstinate indifference and numbness, Jucelino warn mankind about the dark future forecasts, as if it was going to happen on a continuous basis. We are all people should be aware, the more must be aware of sikonnya so severe, either in person, group, country level, keeping work stations each, acting with real movement, because the last line will arrive.
"Effortless" and "minimal force" is absolutely not the same, meaning no power is raised no matter how much effort is sure there will be formed, sedangka n minimal effort, when the number of people who collected more and more, it could change the mighty strength.Suppose self-start each person, even one weak power, but we can affect several millions and even tens of millions of people, determining a mighty force that can be set up to turn cataclysmic future.


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